Some Very Cool T-shirt Design Techniques That You Must Know


Everyone wears t-shirts, and that too with great passion, and every time we mix it with colors themes etc. The key lies in doing it repetitively to get the best out of the t-shirt design. Let us brood over some of the cool ideas and components to get the best out of t-shirt designing.

Theme: A very important part of t-shirt designing, the theme can be central to the design or something more aligned with periphery.  The concept is largely used by websites selling t-shirts online.


Substance:  A key component of design, it also includes the abstract, which are collections of line drawn up differently, which may not make something specific but would add to the overall flavor of the design, it is very important to add those subtle looks in the design to make it enthralling one.

Composition: Mathematically, it is akin to integration, in this, you combine theme and substance to perfect make a sense, it isn’t confined to mixing things, but getting the right blend of substance and theme to make your design look very different.

Style: Once you are done with it, how about developing your own style to do things, well it requires experience and when you move ahead, this will come along with it. You can keep a journal or some notes to even write about something that you discover. After all, design is so vast.

Color:Getting the right one is really very difficult, there are thousands of shades and millions of combinations, and you must get them right, had it been confined to 12 colors, it would have been a different ball game, but it clearly isn’t.

There are primary, secondary and tertiary colors. And you need to pay attention not only to the color sequences but also to brightness and saturation.

Movement: The objective of art is to make things move, or at least make them appear as if they are moving. Now in a static canvas, it is almost impossible to get the things moving, but just like everything including motion pictures are two dimensional, you can put it on with some sort of distinct lines that would make your design appear as if it is moving, and that would just blend your design even more.

Strike Balance: It is the most important word, as in our lives, even designing warrants a subtle balance; let us see how this works.

Imagine, you have two objects that are equally important, say two superheroes and in the design you want to craft them as if they are equal, but due to some misalignment they don’t look alike.

So then what do you do? Well that’s when you need to strike balance, it can be symmetrical: mirror image balance, or asymmetrical: balancing several smaller items with a huge one. In either case the idea is to strike the right balance and flare better. Make sure that you always do it right.

It is important to leave a human touch in the design no matter how artistically subtle you may want to design it. And if you do everything right, then you should have no problems in getting the right design.

Once you are done, be sure to resize it, if it is too vast to be printed on a t-shirt and get it to a local vendor who would be willing to print it.

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