What’s the Difference Between Traditional and Mobile Casinos?

Good question. And the answer depends on what exactly you consider to be a “traditional” casino.

Software developer Microgaming claims the honor to have opened the first fully functional real money online casino back in 1994. It has stopped being an operator a few years later, focusing on developing casino solutions for third parties instead. Today it is one of the most successful and innovative companies on the market, always ready to explore new platforms and possibilities. Given the long history of online gambling – it has been around over two decades, we can consider “download-deposit-play” casinos to be traditional.

But organized gambling in land-based establishments – commonly referred to as “casinos” today – is a much older activity than that. The first casinos (an Italian word, that loosely translates as “little house”) as we know them today were established in the late 19th century. They served as places to have a good time, with gambling, dancing, drinking and other such activities taking place there. So, in the true sense of the world, traditional casinos are much older than their online counterparts.

Mobile casinos are a relatively new phenomenon, bursting into the online gaming market after the release of the iPhone in 2007. Since then the number of mobile casino games has also exploded, and so has their use by the players.

Casinos that take mobile gaming seriously offer their players several ways to play their favorite games on the go. The Royal Vegas Mobile Casino brand boasts a game library of over 100 titles running in a mobile browser window, and native apps for the biggest mobile platforms on the market. The Royal Vegas was the first casino to launch a slot machine – Thunderstruck – on an Android Wear smartwatch. And I think we will soon witness the launch of the first virtual reality casino games of history. And the first casino likely to launch such an innovative casino game will probably be the Royal Vegas, provider of the best mobile casino experience you can find.

So, what is the difference between a mobile casino and a traditional online casino? Basically – nothing. As a matter of fact, there is one important difference – there are more games available on desktop than on mobile. Microgaming, the developer behind the games at the Royal Vegas, has over 700 titles in its library. No wonder – it is one of the oldest casino software developers of the industry, with over two decades of experience. Its browser-based game library consists of over 300 titles, while on mobile it offers access to a bit over 100 games, more than any of its competitors.

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