Help Others in Need Across the Country and Around the World

Have you ever sat down to watch television, saw a news program about people in need and wondered if there was any way you could help them? Believe it or not, there absolutely are ways that you can help those in need right here in the United States and around the world. No matter how much time you have free every week or how much money you can spare, you can read the Ehsanollah Bayat bio and the biographies of other major business owners to get an idea as to how you can help others.

Take a Volunteer Trip

Planning and taking a volunteer trip lets you help others at the same time that you enjoy a relaxing vacation. These trips combine a traditional vacation with a volunteer opportunity. Travelers agree to spend a good portion of their time helping build homes, take care of kids, clean areas ravaged by natural disasters and do other things that help that community. Most programs will give you a day off or several days off that you can use to visit local museums, check out historic sites, lounge on the beach and do other tourist things.

Donate to or Buy From the Right Companies

The next time you head to the store to buy some of the things you need, research which companies donate products or money to impoverished areas and those in need. TOMS is probably one of the best known of these companies. The shoe manufacturer has a program in place that donates a pair of shoes to someone who desperately needs shoes each time someone buys a pair. Other companies donate eyeglasses, clothing and food when you buy, and other companies donate a portion of the income they make to those who need help.

Become a Tutor

Did you know that there are kids in your area who need help but can’t afford to hire a professional tutor? Professional tutors can charge as much as $50 per hour for a single session, which is out of reach for most families. Look into the after school programs in your area to see how you can help. You might apply for a position working with elementary, junior high or even high school students to help them understand various topics. Some programs may need locals willing to donate supplies to help those students as well.

Host a Fundraiser

Take time out of your busy schedule to host your own fundraiser. You can raise money for any organization, event or program that has a special meaning to you, including groups dedicated to helping victims of natural disasters and programs that support the elderly. Ask local business owners to donate all the supplies you need. Bake sales, car washes, silent auctions and charity raffles are just a few ideas you might use. Hosting a fundraiser, taking a volunteer vacation, becoming a tutor and buying from the right companies let you support those in need here and abroad.

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