How to Save Money on TV


The average American spends 2.8 hours a day watching television. This is the most time spent on any particular leisure activity per day. However, this past time promises to become more expensive for Americans. Trends show that TV service providers plan to increase their subscription rates in the coming months.


While you may be tempted to ‘cut the cord’, you may not get all your viewing needs met on popular streaming services. Before you decide to turn off your TV, consider the following tips to help you save money.

  1. Consider bundling your services

Are you dealing with different companies for your telephone, TV and internet services? Consider bundling these services to save money. According to Consumer Reports, consumers that opted for bundled services were able to make significant savings on their monthly bills. Many of them were satisfied with the arrangement.

When you opt to bundle your services, be sure to look out for deals from service providers. Many service providers give discounts as introductory offers to new subscribers. Be sure to consider the price implications for when the offer ends. Ensure that it is still an affordable service.

  1. Consider cutting back on your package

Are your receiving 300 channels? Chances are that you watch less than 20 of these channels. Check your TV package. You may be paying for content that you don’t use. Cutting back on your package will help put money back in your pocket. Talk to your service provider to work out a way to scale back.

If you have a bundle service with internet, then you can opt for a smaller TV package and stream other content online. This will ensure that you get the best of both worlds without burning a hole in your pocket.

  1. Consider other service providers

If you can’t get a better deal with your current service provider, you may want to consider switching providers. There are various TV comparison websites that you can use to compare TV services and packages.

Don’t make the mistake of comparing the price only. Quality trumps cost when it comes to TV services. Consider what you’re getting with the package you’re interested in. Visit the service provider’s website and read reviews to learn more about the services they offer. Do your homework and you will avoid falling into the trap that many discontent consumers fall into. They compare the cost of the packages and go for the cheapest only to regret it later.

  1. Use your negotiation skills

Not many customers know that they can haggle for a better price when it comes to TV service providers. Before you make the switch, contact customer care and notify them of the problems you’re having with your service. You should also notify them of your intent to switch providers. It pays to do your homework and find out what other service providers have to offer. This information will come in handy in your negotiation. Be sure to maintain courtesy throughout the negotiation. Don’t try to shout them down. That will be counterproductive. Simply state the facts.


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