Top 10 Pull Up Bar Exercises That You Can Perform


For people who love to work out at home, pull-up bars are the best option. It is an effective and most adaptable work out exercise. The level of work out attained by pull-up bars cannot be achieved using any other gym equipment. In this exercise, your body weight tries on various muscles of the body. The exercise requires hanging so the body also stretches due to gravitational pull. This stretching affects every muscle in the body and increases the flow of blood in the body. In brief, pull-up affects every part of the body. There are various other exercises oriented with the pull-up that you can try for better results.

Standard chin-up

It is the most standard way of performing the pull-up exercise. The person only requires pulling the body until the chin in the face reaches above the bar. After that, slowly release and lower the body again. You should keep in mind that it is important to grab the bar with grip of shoulder width.

The climber pull-up

Climber pull-up is like the standard pull-up but with little difficulty. The person needs to pull up the body in a shoulder with grip. The little change is that the person needs to shift the body towards right. This can be attained by aiming your chin towards the right hand. Then slowly lower the body and repeat the same steps but shifting towards the left side.

Behind the neck pull-up

Behind the neck, pull up is like standard pull-up but the bar goes behind the head. The person needs to pull the body and at the same time balance the body towards forward. The bar needs to graze the back of the neck. Then just easily lower the body. This one needs a bit of balancing and along with relaxation and compression of muscles.

Gironda Sternum Chin-Up

  • To perform the Gironda sternum chin-up follow the steps –
  • Hold the bar with shoulder width grip. Keep in mind the palms will be facing towards you.
  • Pull your body up and try that the bar touches your chest.
  • Lean your head towards the back making an arch shape with the body.
  • Slowly lower your body to rest position.

Negative Pull-Ups

In the negative pull-ups, the person needs to stand on a chair or any base above the ground. It is important to sit on the chair on kneel down position. Just hold the bars in shoulder width grip without in kneel down position and the palms will be facing you. Now pull the body up with the knees folded and then lower slowly. Repeat for some sets.

Band Assisted Chin-Up

Band assisted chin-up is the standard chin-up exercise but with assistance of the resistance band. Just tie the two ends in two shoulders with position and pull the band downwards until your knees. Hang on the band with knees folded and does the chin-up exercise.

Windscreen Wipers

The name is given because of the specific body movement. Just hold the bar with the comfortable position and pull your body as high as possible. Then simply swing your legs as the movement of the glass wipers.

Bat Wing Chin-Up

The standard chin-up works out with the different position of hands. Hold the bar with two hands a bit close to each other and pull the body. Pull the body until the chin levels the bar.

Hanging Leg Raises

Hold the bar in standard shoulder width position and hand on the bar. Now keep your legs straight pull them up in forward direction making right angle with your upper body.

Hanging Reverse Shoulder Shrug

Keep the body in the hanging position like the Hanging leg raise position. Now just pull the body slightly by shrugging the shoulder.

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