Is your customer service division affecting your bottom line?


If we’re blatantly honest, the primary reason for going into business is to make money. In most businesses, acquiring the client often requires aggressive marketing, sales and a degree of sweet talking, but landing the client is only half the battle won – keeping the client is the real challenge.


In a technology driven age we seldom need to visit a customer care centre in person when a problem arises. The call centre is our first port of call and the actual service centre, our final resort.

For many, the mere thought of having to contact a call centre leaves them with sweaty palms, rising anxiety and a feeling of irritation before they’ve even lifted the handset. Surely it is the intention of all companies to offer great support and in thus doing so keep their customers happy? Surely they’re being truthful when the words “please keep holding – your business is important to us” come floating out of the earpiece into an ear numb from being on hold for much longer than expected?


A company known for stellar customer service is Indio Casino. There is much that can be learnt from their positive, proactive approach when it comes to ensuring that their clients’ needs are met.

This is what we learnt from them:

  1. Understand your customer and their needs. Take the time to look at things from their point of view and put yourself in their shoes. Show empathy. Understand not only their buying habits but their expectations from your company too.
  2. Be available when your customers need you. If your clients are primarily making use of your service or products afterhours, be certain to have support available during these peak-usage times. Indio boasts a 24/7 365 customer care centre as many clients are located in different time zones and make use of their facilities at varying times of the day and night.
  3. Hire a variety of staff that are articulate and can converse with your clients in the most spoken languages applicable to your customers.
  4. Offer a variety of contact options, namely email, live chat and a phone in call centre. While some clients prefer the convenience of email and live chat, others appreciate a friendly voice to talk them through a problem.
  5. Ensure that your call centre staff are adequately trained, professional in their dealings, patient and knowledgeable about the company as a whole. Indio Casino insist that each service team is able to assist with a wide variety of queries, and have protocol in place for unusual problems which they aren’t able to solve on the spot.


It has been said that one of the greatest reasons formerly loyal clients jump ship, isn’t due to poor products or performance, but rather the indifference of the employees. It is not good enough that your company tag line says how the customer is king, but rather how they are handled when things go pear-shaped. A company vision shouldn’t simply be a poster which is mounted in the reception area, but rather an attitude and way of life for all staff – right from the tea lady to CEO.

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