Awesome Email Marketing Solution- GetResponse Review


GetResponse is an awesome email marketing solution for afficilaite marketing as it is capable of handling the small as well as the large businesses with ease. It offer its users with self-service applications and amazing support from their experts which helps in successful running of the video marketing campaigns, sending the autoresponders and converting the newsletters. With its anti-spam practices, fully automated and responsible features, GetResponse has managed to maintain its great relationship with all the mail and internet service providers.


What GetResponse can do?

  • Hosting and importing the email list as well as capturing the data in a form of opt-in website forms.
  • Creating and sending attractive newletters to the subscribers.
  • Use autoresponders for automating the emails to the subscribers.
  • Helps in monitoring the statistics associated with the email marketing, including click through, open rate, etc.

Uses of GetResponse

One of the most cost effective solution for the bloggers and the online businesses is the email marketing. It helps in getting into the subscriber or customer’s mail inbox, a place where they pay a visit everyday. Then what do you think are the uses of an email marketing solution tool, like GetResponse?

  • Holding the contests
  • Selling the products
  • Promoting the content
  • Communicating and be in touch with the subscribers
  • Affiliate Marketing

Pros of GetResponse

  • 30-day free trial without a need of a credit card
  • Integrates well with Google Analytics
  • Third-party integration for importing contacts
  • Simple and easy-to-use tracking tool
  • No limits for the messages
  • Option for freezing the accounts
  • Incredible customer support through phone calls, help section, email and live chat

Cons of GetResponse

Everything comes with pros and cons and here, we have cons of GetResponse.

  • No refunds on annula plans or cancelled accounts
  • No viewing option for individual subscriber profiles
  • Pricing structure is bit confusing

Features of GetResponse


The key selling point of every marketing tool is the functionality of the AutoResponders. Though this feature is available in other marketing tools as well, yet it is the strongest feature of GetResponse as it performs well. It allow the users to send the messages and mails based on the time and action.


GetResponse offer its users with comprehensive reporting and analytics options along with email ROI, one-click segmentation and metrics over time. Isn’t it a startling feature by GetResponse?

Split Testing

As compared to its competitors, GetResponse offer better Split or A/B testing with 5 different variants. This feature allows the users in viewing a single landing page in 5 different versions and choose the perfect one for the blog.

Newsletter Template

The GetResponse newsletter templates are highly responsive, attractive and customizable. Users can easily change the imagery, fonts and layouts using the controls, drag-and-drop facility. All the newsletter templates offered by GetResponse looks fantastic on every device.


GetResponse is simple, easy-to-use email marketing tool which helps in importing all the contacts easily for checking the statistics, creating campaigns and setting up the autoresponders. It has got intuitive and clean user-interface.


GetResponse offers its users 3 different ways for connecting with the customer support and that is, email support, phone support and live chat.

Landing Page Creator

The landing page creator of GetResponse is one of the most useful and attractive features which most of its competitors doesn’t provide. This feature is only limited to those users who opted for ‘Email’ plans. Also, the A/B testing can be used by those users who opted for Enterprise, Pro or Max plans.



The webinar feature of GetResponse has been introduced recently which helps in hosting the online seminars easily. If you have the email database along wit the webinar tool, then it helps in generating higher leads.



Though the pricing plans of GetResponse are quite confusing ones, yet provides all the features even in its basic plan. They don’t offer any free plans, but yes, they offer a 30-day trial plan. The price package starts from $15 per month (Email) with 1000 subscribers followed by $49 per month (Pro) with 5000 subscribers, $165 per month (Max) for 10000 subscribers and $799 per month (Enterprise) for 100,000 subscribers.


No doubt, GetResponse is an ultimate email marketing tool for the marketers and bloggers in generating leads and sales. It doesn’t impose any limits on sending the messages or emails to the subscribers. Also, it has an easy sign-up where the user just needs to register using their name and email ID. It also gives discounts with the signups and plans. The contacts can be easily imported from all the third-party services. It offers responsive email templates, customizable newsletter templates and conducts A/B testing on the formats. Lastly, we would just advise you to be cautious while purchasing the package of GetResponse as they don’t refund back. So, it is recommended to opt-in for monthly plan which suits the best.

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