How to make a routine job exciting every day


Most people appreciate a job that is challenging, a job that offers excitement and something different each day. Very few would imagine they could find such an opportunity working with UK Parking Control as an attendant. If meeting new people, working outdoors and self-management fits your work style, this just might be a good fit for you.The Freedom of Working Outdoors Some of the best jobs are outside the cubicle. Not being tied to an office chair and desk can be exhilarating. While workers may fantasize about being outside throughout their work day, you have a chance to actually live that dream. Some may consider a parking garage to also be “inside,” but that is not always the case. Most attendant booths are in a visible location where you can breathe in nature.Meet New People and Befriend the RegularsEveryday can be a new day as people come and go. Whether it’s the new people who arrive throughout your work shift, or the regulars who feel comfortable about leaving their cars when they see a familiar face.
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Your presence is a welcomed reminder that their personal valuables are being safely watched.This type of job is also a chance to sharpen your customer service skills. Interacting with people is a major part of your duties. Being focused on what customers may need requires attentiveness and patience. Reading what people may want even if they cannot articulate it in words is another beneficial asset to working in this type of environment.Self-Management Gets You Through the DayAlthough people come and go throughout the day, there will be stretches of time when you are alone. Good time management skills can also be sharpened as you fill several hours in the day. Most people who like working alone may find it easy to stay busy when not helping customers.Self-directed employees can often be the best for supervisors. They never have to worry that the employees are spending too much time being idle. If a task needs to be completed, they do not need the supervisor’s watchful eye to make sure the task gets done on time. Rather, managing your time wisely ensures you complete what is most important first.Working outdoors as a parking attendant gives you the best opportunity to become a better employee. Even the down time can work to your advantage because you can prepare yourself for the steady stream of customers.

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