Using Legal Avenues to Move on With Your Life


Many ordinary working people assume that they cannot afford to hire a lawyer for any reason.  They assume that lawyers charge a lot of money that they do not have in their bank accounts.

However, when you are hurt on the job, you may have a unique opportunity to consult with a law firm, mediator, or attorney in Iowa who specializes in this aspect of law.  You do not have to pay any money upfront but rather may benefit from a free consultation to find out more about how your case could possibly pay out if you file a workers comp claim for your injury.

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Details to Cover during the Consultation

You might wonder why you should bother with a consultation before putting a lawyer on retainer.  After all, cannot every workers comp lawyer offer you the same range of services and outcomes with your case?

In reality, just as you might search for a doctor to treat you or a car dealership from which to buy a new car, you are encouraged to research your options before retaining legal representation.  You want an attorney who is experienced and confident in this unique area of law as well as fully informed about the state’s laws regarding workers comp.  The laws are always changing, which is why lawyers who practice in this specialty have the obligation to stay abreast of laws that are added or altered.

During this initial meeting, you can make sure the attorney has the experience and assertiveness you want and can put you at ease during the case.  You can ask how the case might get filed, what the timeline for it playing out in the courtroom might be, and what the possible outcomes could be if the judge decides for or against you.

If you feel totally confident in the quality of representation you might get from the attorney, you may decide to put him on retainer.  You can then follow his advice to file a claim and start building a case that will let you move on with your future.

Reasons to File

Even before you set up the free initial consultation, you might wonder why you should file a claim against your employer’s insurance.  You might figure that your own health insurance as well as your vacation and sick days will cover the expenses you are facing because of your injury.

State laws allow you to avoid assuming responsibility for your injuries and instead have the responsible party compensate you for them.  You have to file a workers comp claim and be examined by a doctor in network with the insurance through the company to lay claim to this entitlement.

Your attorney can help you realize that you might be entitled to money for lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering.  You did not cause the accident or injury and thus should not be the one to assume the legal and financial responsibility for it.

These facts and more can come to light when you sit down and speak with a licensed workers comp attorney.  The laws in your state regarding this matter can be complicated.  You can get all of the facts you need to file a claim and build a case by meeting with a qualified lawyer today.

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