What Does This New Executive Order Mean for the Construction Industry?

Shoring up the country’s lagging infrastructure was a major issue on then president-elect Trump’s campaign platform. Though details on its exact execution have not been fully released, President Trump signed an executive order on August 15, 2017 whose purpose is to streamline the federal approval and permitting process for new infrastructure projects. These projects are limited to those deemed as being major and seek to reduce the entire timeline of permitting and approval at the federal level to about two years.

One aspect of the President’s order is the cessation of the Federal Flood Risk Management Standard. This standard pertained to projects that are subjected to federal funds and that could be adversely affected by rising sea levels. Officials at the state and local levels can still adopt this, as well as other, standards in existence if they choose to do so, according to Reuters.

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Executive Order Sets Tone for Infrastructure Investment

This executive order is expected to be the first step in a process that could domino from the federal level to include investments at the private level. The 2018 budget includes a call for direct federal spending in the amount of $200 billion. This is, in turn, expected to generate additional funding from the private sector for $1 trillion in total.

Uncertainty in Project Scope

The Trump administration has compiled a list of national projects that have been classified as important. The recent overhaul of the Fostering Advancements in Shipping and Transportation (FASTLANE) to one that focuses on transportation grant programs that benefit rural projects and infrastructure as well as those projects that rely on nonfederal and private investment, resulted in the program now known as the Infrastructure for Rebuilding America (INFRA). These two occurrences – when taken together – indicate that this administration intends to prioritize these types of projects during his program to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure. However, there may be some resistance from both political parties along the way. Some dislike the use of private funds on huge public works programs such as the one he is proposing. On the other hand, some may be opposed to any type of funding that has a stimulus feel to it.  It remains to be seen if this could affect home builders and those who finance the construction of such projects.

Presidential Task Force Formed

In order to oversee his expansive infrastructure plan, President Trump formed a task force to oversee its development. Two New York City developers, Steven Roth and Richard LeFrak, have extensive careers in the industry and are charged with supervising an expert group of engineers and builders that numbers between 15 and 20. The duo’s primary goal will be to assess spending as the national infrastructure plan is implemented across the country.

It’s certainly difficult to predict the exact impact these changes may bring, but it’s hard to imagine that a new focus on infrastructure won’t alter some investors’ plans as more projects are put into motion.

How to Get Efficient Results During an Office Moving Project

According to a survey, a typical entrepreneur who runs an office business will renovate or relocate at some point in order to scale or grow. If you’d like to boost efficiency without losing sales while relocating, everyone must follow specific steps throughout the preparation and moving phase.

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Prep Phase

You’ll need to develop a strategic plan if your business has a lot of employees. A large moving project should be planned several months in advance because any problems or setbacks could affect your bottom line. If possible, you might want to invest in software that has move management capabilities. A proper application will help you better understand how much space you’ll need for all of your office furniture.

Pick the Best Moving Day

In the business world, time is valuable because sales slow down when employees can’t perform vital marketing tasks. This is why you must relocate to the new facility on a day when sales usually occur at a reduced pace. However, if this isn’t an option, you can use tools to speed up the moving process. For example, by using furniture casters, the movers can quickly roll your chairs and shelves out of the building instead of toting them.

Preparing for the Furniture

If the new office space has a somewhat complicated floor plan, create a printout and study it carefully. The blueprint will help you direct the movers to the right locations when they unload the furniture.

Next, scout the building and take notes whenever you find any tripping hazards or areas that have narrow halls. If some of your furniture can’t enter a certain space, you may have to disassemble a few of the components.

Layout Considerations

All desks in the office should give your employees a clear view of the surroundings. If everyone has to constantly turn around in order to communicate, productivity will suffer.

In an office environment, chairs should never be placed against a window. When sunlight shines into the building, the glare will make typical business tasks more challenging.

Overall, many important procedures must be implemented before an office moving project. If your business relies on consistent sales, you’ll benefit from using casters because they’ll help you relocate in a shorter length of time.

Using Indices to Trade the Capital Markets

The capital markets have a range of products that provide an investors different risk profiles.  Most products which include, bonds, commodities and currencies, focus on specific movements in one area.  Indices on the other hand provide and investors with a wide range of risk which is exposed to the equity markets.  The risk is generally geared to higher risk assets that will perform well when interest rates are stable and growth is moderate.

What is index trading?

An index is generally made up of a group of stocks and is based on a calculation that changes during every minute that stocks are open for trading.  For example, the S&P 500 index is a market cap based index where the larger stocks have a greater influence on the movement of the overall index.  Specific large stocks can have a strong influence on an index.  For example, the Dow Industrials has large stocks such as Exxon Mobile and Chevron Texaco which can be influenced by the price of oil.  If energy shares are having a bad day, the Dow Industrials are likely to feel the pain of declining energy stocks.

Indices allow traders to take many types of positions.  Investors can take directional position where they can buy and sell the index looking for a change in price, or they can take pair positions where the purchase one index and simultaneously sell another index.  A pair trade is a market neutral trade where the invest is not exposed to the direction of the overall market, but instead is exposed to the relative change in one index compared to another.  For example, if you purchase the S&P 500 index and sold the DAX, you would benefit if U.S. stocks outperformed Germany stocks. Pair trades such as the S&P 500 versus the DAX allows and investor to take on a macro trade that is similar to purchase the Euro and selling the U.S. dollar.

Put & call options

Many forex traders will also take options position on indices.  A call option is the right but not the obligation to buy a stock at a specific price on or before a certain date.  Options trading is very popular as your risk is defined to the premium you pay for the option. A put option is the right but not the obligation to sell an index at a specific price on or before a certain date.

Most indices have a broad array of sectors incorporated within them.  There are some, like the Nasdaq 100 that are focused on a specific industry. The Nasdaq 100 is heavily weighted toward the technology sector.  So if you are interested in either buying or selling that specific space, you can use the Nasdaq 100 to speculate on the future direction of this area.  Additionally, you can take sector pair trades by using the Nasdaq 100 by generating a pair trade.

The benefits of trading an index is broad.  You can take a macro bet on the direction of a market, or take a sector bet.  Indices provide the ability to take market neutral bets using pair trades, or option bets where you mitigate your risk.  However, you use indices; they should be part of an active trader’s arsenal.

A guide to designing the perfect office space

This article covers everything that you need to know about designing and planning the perfect office space and various factors to consider throughout this process. It includes some general tips and how to go about choosing a supplier to help you with this project.

The office environment is important as it determines how productive and happy the workforce is, which can have a direct impact on the success of your business. Having a spacious and organised workspace can improve moods and motivation. An office should be light and airy with an attractive layout. There are many different designs to choose from and finding a design company to help you with your needs may be the best way to go if you have limited time or experience in creating the perfect work environment for your team.

Finding an office design company is very easy and can be done using a search engine. Simply type in a relevant search term into a search engine such as ‘office design London’ in order to bring up a whole range of results within your local area. Be sure to select a few of these to review and compare against each other to find the right one for you and your budget. Ask for a quote and ask any questions you may need the answer to before making your final decision. A little bit of research can help you save some extra money so it is well worth doing.

When designing an office space you will need to consider a colour scheme and layout. Furniture placement is important as you need to ensure each worker has enough room to work comfortably. You may have an open plan workspace or separate areas for each worker. It completely depends on your needs and office layout but there are many options to consider.

Plan the space available to make use of it in the best possible way. You will need to have enough storage to keep things tidied away for organisation purposes and health and safety. A cluttered office is not safe or attractive. You may want shelving or tall cabinets to make the best use of vertical space if you have limited room available. Ensure any computer cables are securely tucked away to avoid trips and accidents.

Plants, mirrors, rugs, paintings and soft furnishings can all help to brighten up a work space and make for a happier and more inviting environment. You may even have a sofa area for guests to use as a waiting room which can become a relaxed space for meetings as well. An interior design company that specialises in business environments can provide guidance on improving your office and making it the best it can possibly be. It is something well worth considering regardless of the size or type of company that you operate. A great working environment can improve mood and performance and become a positive place to be. This will have a beneficial impact on your business.

Characteristics Of Good Personal Accountants

Like everything else in life, anything good is harder to find. Accountants are no exception. Professional accountants vary in quality just like any other professional. They vary by education, experience, personal drive, and area of expertise. Some accountants prefer to work only in a certain area of accounting while others dabble a bit in all areas of general accounting. The hallmarks of a good accountant will vary based on the needs of the client as well. An expert in corporate accounting might be great for a corporation, but if they don’t have much experience in individual accounting, they might not know the specifics of your state or life situation that would contribute to a better bottom line for you. Residents of Honolulu, for example, need an accountant who is familiar with the tax laws and exceptions of that particular area.

 What makes an accountant good at what they do?

1. Educational experience and certifications: Accountants can do the bare minimum to simply practice or they can go above and beyond in their endeavors. This includes seeking out additional training and certification in areas of expertise, such as taxes or corporate finances. Certification shows ambition on the part of the accountant and an expertise that goes beyond general accounting education.

2. Good communication: Like everyone people deal with in life, good communication is essential for getting goals accomplished. If your accountant takes the time to establish a good working relationship, it shows that they are both professional and friendly, two characteristics that foreshadow a good outcome for both parties. If you feel at ease around a potential accountant, it’s a sign that you’ll get the best possible outcome for yourself.

3. State knowledge: State taxes are much different than Federal taxes. For example, if you need accounting services Honolulu focused, it’s good to know the local tax services for the general area, in this case Hawaii.

Working for a good outcome

Good personal accountants take the time to know their customers and work with them to establish a working relationship that’s both comfortable and productive. They have good professional etiquette and know their field well. Certification and other continuing education shows a drive on the part of an accountant to make sure customers are happy with their outcome. Accountants manage money. They show their clients how to do the same, and they do so in a way that’s productive for both parties.

How to Avoid Employment Lawsuit

Everyone wants to stay away from the term Lawsuit, because the lawsuit is something that can damage one’s reputation in a minute. Beside personal cases, the number of employment lawsuit is on the rise. Today, more and more organizations are facing the heat of employment lawsuit and these business houses are making the best effort to get rid of it.

However, it is not that one cannot keep his business safe from falling into the whirl of employment lawsuit. By taking precautions at the right time, an organization can help in keeping such legal battles away. Here, we will learn how an organization can avoid litigation.

Obey the FLSA

If you are running a business and consider employment lawsuit as a serious threat for the reputation of your organization, then you should keep a close eye on Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA), so that you can be aware of any changes in their policies.

You should know that distinguishing employees over the overtime payments is a violation of labor act that can put an organization at high risk and it can cost a lot to the employer.

Fire an Employee with Care

If you want to embrace the employment lawsuit, then fire someone from your organization without a valid reason. Today, most of the organizations are facing litigation just for firing their employees.

However, if you want to fire an employee for a valid reason, then you should do it carefully. If you have marked an employee to drop, then you should send the person to a leave until the investigation process is done. Otherwise, you may have to soon contact the lawsuit loan firmsto raise money for paying off against the charges.

Maintain Good Severance Policies

If you want to fire someone from your organization and want the person not to file a lawsuit against your company, then you should announce severance packages so that you can, at least, please your employee.

It is very rare for any organization to maintain a good severance policy because no one would like reward money to a departing employee. However, if you offer severance to a departing employee, it will discourage him or her to file a case of employment lawsuit against the employer.

However, some organizations believe that offering money to a departing employee can be seen as illegal way to convince someone. Thus, today, many organizations declare that they maintain a good reverence policy and try to make every departing employee happy even in his or her last day in the company.

Train and Monitor Staff

You will definitely find some employees struggling with the type of job they have been assigned and also with the working environment because they find everything unfavorable.

However, if this is the case, then you should organize some training programs for your unskilled employees so that they can motivate themselves.

Your unskilled or untrained employees can be the victim of office harassment that can easily encourage them to file a lawsuit against your company. Thus, you will have to keep a close watch on them to be sure that your employees are safe from any kind of influence.

Communicate with Your Employees

If an organization really wants to stay away from the litigation, then it must order authorities to interact with employees in a good manner. You may find senior employees harassing juniors at the workplace, but this should be stopped, because you will have to keep your reputation high no matter whatever the condition is.

Litigation is not something you can play with, but by taking right measures, an organization can discourage its employee to file employment lawsuit. By adopting pro-employee policies and providing favorable working environment, an organization can keep itself safe from facing employment lawsuit.

Author Bio- Ethan Longoria is management expert who is presently working with one of the top ranked lawsuit loan firms in the industry. Besides, he also posts several blogs on lawsuit related aspects.

Three Ways To Optimize The Employee Development Process

As many business owners know, employee development plays an integral role in helping a company function optimally and produce a substantive profit. However, many corporate leaders aren’t sure which strategies to use for the purpose of helping their staff members develop personally and professionally. Nevertheless, effective techniques and systems abound! Here are just three of many strategies you can implement to optimize the employee development process:1. Purchase The Right Time Recording Equipment.

One of the best ways to optimize the employee development process is to demonstrate your commitment to paying people fairly and on time. Accomplishing this objective necessitates the implementation of a precise system that will record the time that your employees have worked quickly and correctly. Online companies like Allied Time specialize in offering business owners the type of technologically advanced time clock that will expedite and optimize the time recording process.

2. Encourage Ongoing Training.

In addition to purchasing the right time recording equipment, make sure that you encourage ongoing training. This strategy is important because it helps ensure that your staff members are constantly updating and expanding their existing skill set. One of the most convenient ways for staff members to engage in ongoing training is through online learning. Educational courses offered online enable your employees to study and advance their skill set from the comfort and privacy of their own homes!

3. Reward Good Work.

One final strategy you should implement to optimize the employee development process is rewarding good work. When employees realize that their work is valued, they are more likely to consistently operate in excellence. For this reason, make a point to periodically offer monetary benefits such as bonuses and raises to individuals who perform exceptionally well. Also consider offering vacations or extended time off for those who exceed expectations, break records, and take your conversion rates to a new level. If you’re looking for ways to motivate staff members to take their performance to a new level, consider implementing an Employee of the Month program.

Don’t Delay-Start Developing Your Staff Today!

When you’re ready to ensure that your business remains on the path to perpetual growth and expansion, it’s time to focus in on your employees. Once you start consistently implementing proven employee development techniques such as those listed here, you’ll likely find that your daily operations are optimized. The end result is a better bottom line and a happier staff!

Hosting Raja Review: Reliable and Affordable Web Hosting Service Provider

You would have visited several websites and blog so far. Have you ever thought of- where have these websites or blogs stored? How did you become able to access them? These sorts of questions might arise in your mind sometimes. Indeed, web hosting is the place where all the website data does store each time. The hosting is only liable to run a website and store all your data you are processing over any website or blog.

Many small and big companies offer web hosting services from low to higher rates. The type of hosting plan affects the price.

While you do have so many options for one thing, it becomes tedious to decide which one is best for you. This thing truly happens with the web hosting. Among the multiple options, you may fall into confusion which is the appropriate option for you.

Let me clear all your confusions. I am introducing you with one fastest growing web hosting company- Hosting Raja. It did wonder in the web hosting industry and became one of the leading hosting providers in India.

A little info about the Hosting Raja


It started as a web development company in the year 2005 and soon they introduced the domain registration and web hosting services. By consistently providing quality services, it prepared a solid base of clients. It has trusted by over 1, 50,000 clients across the India.

Being a successful web hosting provider, it received two awards for spanking services. First was for Best Seller Hosting in the year 2010 and after two years in 2012, it again get awarded as Top Pick Web Host. These two awards have escalated the users’ trust in this company.

Features of Hosting Raja:

Hosting Raja is equipped with the several amazing features. It offers all the basic and advanced features that a hosting should offer to customers. Let’s learn more about the features.

Regional Language Support:

Maybe this one might not be a most affecting factor in your thought. Your perspective might be different, but this factor really affects to the client base. Just imagine that the customer support executive is talking to you in your own regional language. Then wouldn’t it get easierfor you to explain your issue? Obviously, it will.

Hosting raja is in only web hosting provider in India, which offers support in many regional languages.

Advanced hosting Plans:


According to the official website, the company offers guaranteed 99.9% uptime. The hosting plans support the popular CMS like WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal and so on.

On the website, you are served with the affordable plans to host your website. All the hosting plans come with a Free Domain, so it directly saves your cost for a website. The starter plan is available on the cost of Rs. 69/month if you buy it for 3 years. Among the six best hosting plans, you may choose one appropriate one. Each plan would compliment to your requirements.

As an added benefit, the host raja offers the free installation and setup of blogs, E-commerce, Business websites. By using this service, you may reduce the burden of setup and installation.

Referral Program:


You can also make money through referring this hosting to your friends and acquaintances. Read from here more about the Referral Program of Hosting Raja. This makes you stand in a Win-Win situation.


Customer Support is very good. The friendly nature of customer support executives does not let you feel that you are unknown to him or her. Each of your query and/or issues are heard carefully by the executives and you get the proper resolution in the defined time duration.

There are several means to be connected with the customer support. You may get support via telephone call, Email, Ticket Support or Live Chat. The choice is yours. With every mode, you get the proper and easy response.

For the customers’ relevance, a toll free number has also given in the support section. It may possible that you have to go through a long call to get the resolution. This toll-free number also saves your mobile bill.

My Review:

After going through each of aspect of Hosting Features, I found no any loophole that can produce a danger to your website. The trusted customer support and a technical support team always remain ready to bring you out from any kind of unwanted situation.

If you are planning to kick start a brand new website, you should not think twice to get this hosting.

How Do You Choose a Moving Company

The process of moving can put a great deal of stress on everyone involved. There are wide ranges of tasks that need to be completed before and after you move in order for everything to work out as it should. Because of this, a person needs to be correctly organized. It is always a good decision to plan things out far in advance. Make a list of the things that need to be accomplished. Have several people look at the list to make sure you did not forget anything. How do you choose a moving company? Here are a few tips that will help you make this important decision.

1. Find out their reputation

The reputation of a moving company will tell you a lot about whether you should do business with them or not. These days, it is not very difficult to find out what people think of the service they have received from movers. Just take a quick look online and you will find many websites that offer this information. People who have hired a specific moving company in the past can write a thorough review of their performance. Did they break any objects? Did they cause any damage to either home? Did they have a plan to move large items through small hallways and doorways? Did they seem to know exactly what they were doing? If you read enough reviews of one company, you should be able to find out answers to all of these questions. New York Local Movers are the best movers NYC. For more information about the company, you can go to http://www.newyorklocalmovers.com/.

2. How long has the company been in business?

When hiring a moving company, you should do some research to find out how long they have been around. This will usually not be too hard to find out. They will usually indicate the year the company was founded on their website. This information is important because it tells you a lot about the level of service they have provided their customers over the years. For example, if a company has been around for 50 years, it is safe to assume that the company is fair and honest. If they were constantly ripping off their customers, there is no way they could have lasted so long.

3. How much do they charge?

The prices that moving companies charge for their services can vary greatly. This is why you should devote some of your time to calling up all of the moving companies in your area and getting quotes from them. You can then use this pricing information to help you choose which company to go with.

4. Are they insured and licensed?

You should not even consider doing business with a moving company that does not have a license or insurance. If a company is offering a price that seems to good to be true, they are usually unlicensed or uninsured. Make sure you see proof of both the company’s license and insurance before you let them move your possessions.

Help Others in Need Across the Country and Around the World

Have you ever sat down to watch television, saw a news program about people in need and wondered if there was any way you could help them? Believe it or not, there absolutely are ways that you can help those in need right here in the United States and around the world. No matter how much time you have free every week or how much money you can spare, you can read the Ehsanollah Bayat bio and the biographies of other major business owners to get an idea as to how you can help others.

Take a Volunteer Trip

Planning and taking a volunteer trip lets you help others at the same time that you enjoy a relaxing vacation. These trips combine a traditional vacation with a volunteer opportunity. Travelers agree to spend a good portion of their time helping build homes, take care of kids, clean areas ravaged by natural disasters and do other things that help that community. Most programs will give you a day off or several days off that you can use to visit local museums, check out historic sites, lounge on the beach and do other tourist things.

Donate to or Buy From the Right Companies

The next time you head to the store to buy some of the things you need, research which companies donate products or money to impoverished areas and those in need. TOMS is probably one of the best known of these companies. The shoe manufacturer has a program in place that donates a pair of shoes to someone who desperately needs shoes each time someone buys a pair. Other companies donate eyeglasses, clothing and food when you buy, and other companies donate a portion of the income they make to those who need help.

Become a Tutor

Did you know that there are kids in your area who need help but can’t afford to hire a professional tutor? Professional tutors can charge as much as $50 per hour for a single session, which is out of reach for most families. Look into the after school programs in your area to see how you can help. You might apply for a position working with elementary, junior high or even high school students to help them understand various topics. Some programs may need locals willing to donate supplies to help those students as well.

Host a Fundraiser

Take time out of your busy schedule to host your own fundraiser. You can raise money for any organization, event or program that has a special meaning to you, including groups dedicated to helping victims of natural disasters and programs that support the elderly. Ask local business owners to donate all the supplies you need. Bake sales, car washes, silent auctions and charity raffles are just a few ideas you might use. Hosting a fundraiser, taking a volunteer vacation, becoming a tutor and buying from the right companies let you support those in need here and abroad.