Create event driven program with Node. Js training

With the development of faster computers, better algorithms, larger data every progressive step has totally changed  the technology world. It’s going to revolutionize the way we work or think or perform our work in the next decades. Students who go through Node Js training are setting them self on the future path as they are inthe world of real time web applications. The course provides them with an edge over the basics of the websites that is most probably needed for attaining mastery of the skill of the website development.

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There won’t be anything wrong if we describe the training as the future of web development as it is more reliable than the other applications that are used in web applications. Its ability to grab data from other sources, joining them works in providing better output to the customers. Node.Js Certification in SanFrancisco will help you get attached to the future of the amazing technology where only sky is the limit. At the online training you get to learn the intricacies, basics and fundamentals of website designing. The knowledge will prepare you to get in tune with the job requirement of the future.

The online training provides you with the opportunity of studying at your free time. You may learn fundamentals once you reach home or while you are stuck in the traffic jam and left with no other choice to move to. The training will impart you with events, streams and modules of web technology and online learning imparts you with assignments and complete guidance that you need to become an expert on the subject. You will learn to communicate with databases and its applications. With doubt sessions running flawlessly on the website you can clear your doubts and gain mastery of the subject. It helps you create an event driven programs that are must for your career.

All those web developers, students, entrepreneurs and project managers who wish to take their careerto the next level and want to learn the fundamentals of Node.Js training, grabbing the online opportunity is the way, through this way you are not only adding skill to your professional  life but also creatingnewemployment opportunities for yourself. It is one of the most popular courses that are implemented by top software companies. Its flexibility and usability is another feather in its cap that makes it a must pick by the youngsters. Plus,it’s one of the fastest connections that are ideal for the real time web applications. To help the avid learners, one on one teaching method is practiced. Enough practical work is given so that you learn the robust applications easily. All the key points are made clear during the training period. On completion of the course you will be able to handle requests and responses effectively, will be able to work on cookies. Moreover, you understands advanced JavaScript concepts.

IIT JEE Advanced to have more students

An important meeting will be conducted on 6th of October 2015 to start a discussion on a proposal to increase the quota of students appearing for JEE Advance. All the students appearing for the exam want to get into IIT. Because of the limited number of seat, a lot of students are not able to fulfill their dream. There are a number of top colleges other than IIT, but IIT is the dream. The proposal goes on to state that this will increase the number of students from 1.5 lakh to 2 lakh. At the moment, 1.5 lakh students are selected for the second stage selection process which is JEE Advanced. This decision can raise the tuition fee, but that fee will be 100 % interest-free student loan.

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An IIT director in favor of anonymity stated that “the number of seats available at the IITs has increased considerably as new IITs have also come into existence. But, over the past three years, only 1.5 lakh students could make it to the IIT-JEE (advanced) examination. We wanted to ensure that more students could take the competitive examination as seats have remained vacant even this year, IITs, on the other hand, are mulling holding a single entrance test by reverting back to the old format as the existing format is proving  to be “cumbersome” and “time-consuming.”

In the same lines, an NIT director again in favor of anonymity stated that the model has already been accepted by the NITs where these institute charge around Rs 70,000 annually. With the implementation of the funding mechanism, the fee could double. From 2016 onwards, the decision can be implemented, but still there is no official word on it.

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Do Agile Scrum Course and Enhance your Skills!

In order to lead the role of project manager and project leader, you need certain unique skills to do your job precisely. The unique skills are the ability to take decisions immediately, making your move quickly, doing the needful to finish the project on time without disturbing the project budget and deadline and more. Just a degree would not give you the above-mentioned skills. Rather, you have to consider doing an additional course that helps you in developing these skills. If that is the case, you should do Agile Scrum course New York. This course is actually designed forcandidates that look to develop job-oriented skills and talents.

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What the Course is about?

The course covers the principles, concepts, ideas, adoption technology and several other things of Scrum. Added to that, the participants will be taught detailed concepts of Scrum framework. With the assistance of this course, one can improve their efficiency and personal skills. By this course, the person can gain the knowledge to spot out the mistakes immediately and therefore he can make the needed adjustments to get the outcome at the right time. The course is fully designed based on the principles and concepts of Scrum methodology.

Who can do the Course?

The Agile Scrum certification is something that is designed for people who are personally interested in workingwith agile methodology. In addition to this, the course is designed for the following personalities:

  • Software programmers
  • Software testers
  • Program analysts
  • Team leaders
  • Event customers
  • Project managers
  • Product owners
  • Software developers

Benefits of learning the course

By the end of the course, one can develop these skills:

  • Handle the team effectively and precisely
  • Make the required changes quickly and easily
  • Apply the agile and Scrum methodology to the project or development team
  • Apply the Scrum philosophies and core practices
  • Increase the workflow in your team
  • Complete the project at the right time with minimum risk

Course Duration

The duration of the course actually depends on the institute you choose to learn the course. The institute has different course timing and durations in order to comfort the candidates. So, the candidates can themselves choose a course duration that suits them.You will come across many course centers that offer this agile scrum course. Among them, you can choose an institute according to your needs and budget.

Course fee

The course fee will vary according to various factors such as course duration, course materials, the reputation of the institutes, type of coaching and more. If you go with a reasonable fee, you may not get the course materials and soft copies at the end of the course.

Course Certification

Once after completing the course successfully, the participants will be asked to appear for the examination. After the release of exam results, the participants will be issued certification either with grade or credits. The grade or credit will vary from one candidate to another candidate according to his performance in the examination.

MAT Exam

The MAT 2016 schedule for the session has already been released.  The exam shall be conducted on the 4th of September and also on the 10th of September, 2016.  The candidates who are interested should be applying for the MAT examination before July month i.e. till June. MAT which is also known as Management Aptitude Test is a very well known entrance test. The entrance test is held for the admissions in the top management colleges in India.

The candidates who have given the test can access to a good number of schools and colleges which comprises of all the streams like arts, commerce and science and other etc. subjects. And it includes also other subjects in which the candidates wish to pursue post graduation in management.  It is also a kind of exam which is for the MBA candidates or candidates who wish to pursue MBA. AIMA, i.e. All India Management Authority conducts the exam. MAT exam is conducted four times in a year. It is conducted in the month of May, September, December and February.

Along with this there is also additional options which the students have which is very good. The students can choose to give the exam in a computer based form or they can also choose to give the exam as their convenience i.e. paper based. The paper based test is conducted on the every first Sunday of the month mentioned above and the timings are from 10-12.30 pm. After the paper based test is over then the computer based test is conducted after 6 days from the paper based test i.e. on Saturday.

The MAT 2016 paper based test & computer based test for the month of May is over. The next test session will be conducted in the month of September which shall be held at 10a.m. to 12.30 pm. The candidates desiring to give the examination can fill the application form of the AIMA which is available at the website of AIMA. The official website of AIMA is .

The candidates can also download the admit card and there are certain criteria’s which asks for candidates name, roll number, registration number, the category of the candidate, candidates photograph, the courses in which the candidates have applied, test venue and date and time of the examination. It also includes reporting time.

For the eligibility, the candidates should check their eligibility criteria prior to applying for MAT 2016.  There are certain eligibility criteria which the candidates must follow prior to appearing in the exam. The candidates should be Graduate in any discipline from any recognized university. The candidates can also be a final year student. In different institutes the percentage which is in minimum required is different or may differ for different admission in various institutions and universities. For applying in MAT entrance exam there is no need for any kind of work experience though the work experience is asked for. For the application of the exam there is no need for or there is no restriction in the age of the candidate and also percentage.

Achieving Academic Success with These Mantras

For students there are numerous things that they need to take care of regarding studies. It is all about studying smarter not harder. This becomes essential especially when you are moving on to higher studies or competitive exams. Many students face the dilemma for achieving academic success with these easy mantras that will help you through.Even if you are looking for getting through in top private engineering colleges in India.

Avoid cramming

The first thing that you need to do id avoid cramming. This is only time wasting and energy wasting habit. Instead of trying to put things in your mind by increasing the time of studies like others, it is better to get things clear. To be successful you need to space out time for a shorter duration towards studies and relaxation at the same time. Have regular study sessions that are shorter but effective.

Planning out

It is essential to plan out when you are going to study. This is essential as it brings about study discipline into your routine life. Daily studying for a dedicated hour or at a dedicated time will make you efficient in studies. Create a study time map that will help you achieve your study goals gradually over a week of time or a given time period. This will help you a lot in your long term education especially with top private engineering colleges in India.

Setting goals

When you are about to study you need to first make a blue print of what you are aiming to achieve. This is called setting goals. Directionless study will lead you nowhere. You should know what you are aiming to achieve through a given study session. Each session should have some goal that would need to achieve. Begin by one goal per session to achieve a complete success in a given plan.

Where to begin

The thing to notice is that often a student misses out on studies due to difficulty in a given subject. This happens when a student is not able to focus energy on a given difficult subject. It is to be understood that when you choose to begin with the most difficult subject, then it is all about the putting in more efforts. This way you are improving the effectiveness of your studies. It will also improve the academic performance.

Reviewing notes

It is essential to review your notes that you take down during your classroom lectures. Before starting your assignment you need to review and ensure that it is sufficient for your studies. To complete your assignment you will be needing your complete notes. This is called targeted study and effective session.

Studying with focus

When you are about to study then you should be able to find a quiet time. It is all about cutting off from distractions like TV, mobile, video games, parties and other things. Studying without these distractions it becomes easier for you to focus better on your studies.

Study groups

Seeking out studying group that will help you with your goals and studies is a great idea. It is always said that two heads are better than one, this goes for people inspiring you to achieve your study goals. Your struggle to understand a subject would be easier if you have someone who gets it right the first time. You can exchange notes and creative a structured study group. With all this who knows you might be able to get to your ultimate goal of getting into top private engineering colleges in India.

Keep these points in mind and then you will be able to achieve academic success no matter what you are aiming for.

Online MBA – The Present And The Future

“Online MBAs are no longer second-rate,” read a headline on The Telegraph UK’s article published over a year ago. Written by Professor G. Anandalingam, Dean of the prestigious Imperial College Business School, the article goes on about how all the top ranked universities in the world have warded off the stigma against distance education and are now offering online MBAs and other postgraduate programs to reach a larger demographic.

Looking in on India, the situation seems to have changed too as more and more students and working professionals are beginning to embrace the idea of getting a distance MBA, which can help them build their career just the same.

Many reputed universities too have warmed up to offer various different online BBA and MBA programs. Take for instance the case of Bharathidasan University based in Chennai. Started over 2 decades ago, this institution has recently begun offering specialisations in Human Resource, Finance, Operations, Systems, Project Management, and several other key programs that are seen in abundance across the country.

The Curriculum Conundrum- Present

Earlier distance courses weren’t as effective as one would have expected them to be, despite featuring a relatively good curriculum. This was chalked up as a flaw in the delivery methods used by the institutes. They seemed to lack a bit of finesse, a keen attention to detail, and a touch of fine-tuning, if you will.

But the tides have turned and so have the delivery methods.

Take the usual method followed by your atypical distance education institute-

First, they set the curriculum keeping in mind the demands that are prevailing in the market, which involves the handiwork of a partnership between faculty members and industry frontrunners.

Then, this syllabus is delivered through a carefully planned structure, which involves a student submitting assignments, attending classes occasionally, meeting peers and faculty members for interactive sessions, and clearing doubts through video chats among others. There are some who have used the tech-way to woo the savvy crowd too.

What The Future Holds

Most of the analysts and experts from the education industry are of the impression that online learning is the future of education and is likely to replace the traditional brick-and-mortar system of learning.

And as technology is growing at an exponential rate each year, it all seems plausible too. Testimony to this fact is that internet has managed to reach a much larger bandwidth than ever before and with the number set to increase furthermore, there is no real doubt that every university will slowly move on to online mode of teaching.

How to avoid the biggest JEE blunders

Sitting and getting selected at a competitive examination, especially when the size of the competition is vast, is not a joke. It requires hard work, dedication and practice on the part of the students. After the 12th standard, majority of the students opt to go for engineering. There are many internationally acclaimed engineering colleges and that is why getting into these seats of learning is not an easy task.

JEE MainsThe students require appearing for an entrance examination so that they can take lessons in these coveted seats of learning. To be successful in competitive examinations, the candidates need to adopt a few strategies. Firstly, the person should understand the curriculum well and go through it. This is not an overnight act but requires investment of time by the student aspiring to be an engineer. If you want to be an acclaimed IIT graduate then you need to appear and be successful at all levels of the JEE. To appear for the JEE, you require to download JEE mains application form from selected websites.

Do an effective time management

If you are seriously pondering about a successful engineering career then you should understand that effective time management is very crucial. For competitive examinations like JEE mains 2016, effective time management is very important.

  • Such exams have different papers and the students require prioritizing the time according to its availability as well as the person’s abilities.
  • Observations reveal that students failed to make a mark because of their lack in time managing abilities.
  • They seem to emphasize a lot on a particular subject and that resulted in their running out of time while attending other papers.
  • Since such examination is challenging, quite tough, and so to succeed the candidates need to demonstrate their time management skills.

Practice hard and refer to previous year’s questions and answers

To write a paper without any preparation is not recommended especially to those who want to succeed in the JEE mains. And how can you prepare yourself? You can refer to sample test papers of JEE where you can find questions and corresponding answers. This definitely will help you in your endeavour to seek better rankings in competitive examinations such as the one that is being discussed.

Negative marking in previous year’s JEE

The students who are appearing for this year’s JEE exam need to check its website about the examination, and the JEE mains latest news, especially with regards to the marking patterns. Usually, such exams encourage negative marking. According, one needs to answer the questions so as to keep the individual’s score a respectable one. The JEE mains 2016 notification also highlights other aspects of the exam that a candidate need to check prior to sitting for the exams.

Avoid taking suggestion notes

If you are contemplating about sitting for such exams and you have the requisite academic criteria then study hard, be well prepared to get qualified. Taking short cuts like reading from suggestion notes are of no use in the long run. They only limit the scope of your knowledge. By taking the suggestion notes you can percolate the entrance exam but then surviving thereafter can prove to be challenging. Avoid the shortcuts and learn the subjects from the fundamentals.

Enhance your skills by participating in mock tests

The fear of failure over powers some individuals and then they this fear really turns out to be the cause of their failures. Sometimes, individuals, despite preparing well for the exams, fail to deliver, simply because at the, important hour they mess up everything. This fear can be overcome by taking an effective JEE counselling session and the candidates can also attend forums, can participate in mock tests to sharpen their skills in answering questions pertaining to engineering entrance. All such activities simply enhance their abilities to perform better during the examinations.

Check details about the exams from online sources

Those who have participated in the JEE examinations, 2015 are all called for counselling during the JEE counselling 2015. The information about the JEE mains 2016 exam date counselling process are provided in the selected websites. The interested candidates can check these web portals. The candidates can download a copy of the JEE mains application form 2016 which is available online.

How to use trophies to encourage kids’ sports

While everybody enjoys at covert or overt level, any kind of acknowledgement and/or recognition, that had by kids is of another level altogether. You must have noticed that a small word or gesture of encouragement from their parents or guardians helps boost the confidence of kids to a higher degree. When a little word or phrase such as “Good job!” can do infinite wonders to your child’s progress, one can only imagine how a tangible trophy would affect the same! They not only add a glint to the eyes of the receiver, they add to the inner confidence and self love, along with self respect.

All the sports tournaments across the world have one thing in common and that is the practice of awarding the winners, and at times, even the rest of the participants with trophies for their efforts and achievements. Another important aspect to note would be that the prizes are not restricted to the highest scorer only. They go beyond the one time achievement to explore the avenues of an overall achievement, which is often termed as the best all rounder performance and so on. For any sport, the physical prowess and technical skill at the sport might be of prime importance but they need to be aided by important personality traits and characteristics such as team spirit, humility at victory, grace at victory or defeat, appreciating the play of the opponent, acknowledging the effort of those involved in one’s preparation for the tournament and so on. It is only a synergized whole of such values and traits that makes up a good sportsperson, the kinds who go down in the history textbooks.


Henceforth, it becomes a matter of extreme importance that the kids are not just encouraged to put their best foot forward in scoring the highest or winning. They should be encouraged to inculcate all the qualities of a good sportsperson. If a child exhibits such qualities, then the school authorities or guardians themselves should not hesitate in acknowledging their efforts and presenting them with a token of appreciation. ​​​​

Though, at first, it might seem to be a materialistic approach, but with this immediacy only will the kids be able to understand the symbolism behind it. Trophies become an important tool to encourage kids to try their hands at some or the other sport and also, in turn, help them evolve as better individuals. All this is quite literally, a child’s play.

One might also want to note the numerous psychologist studies that have been undertaken with kids as their subjects to study the effect of a positive acknowledgement in a tangible form on a person’s performance. In addition to that, it is imperative that kid be encouraged to play more and more outdoor sports in today’s world where most of us have our existence caught up with technological advancements of iPads and iPhones. Trophies, in that case, can be used as incentives for kids to perform well and play wholeheartedly, while getting evolved as fit and smart individuals at the same time.


Is there a Science behind choosing a career where I can Excel

Research suggests that people are unusually bad at foreseeing how they would feel while deciding about their future. It is quite possible to find someone who started out assuming that they would love the career they chose, only to end up hating it. How are you supposed to know if you would be satisfied with your job as a lawyer or as an actor or as a doctor if you have not experienced any of them ever? Career decisions should not be taken emotionally but should be taken scientifically.

Important decisions like choosing acareer or applying for a college, interviewing for a job or accepting a new job, should be taken in a methodical manner and with the help pf professionals rather than just going by your ‘gut feeling’. Career and academic guidance counsellors, coaches and psychologists would be of immense help during such confusing situations. Career supervisions/counselling programs/assessment tests develop an individual’s capabilities in self-knowledge, educational and occupational exploration, and career planning.These benefit students and working professionals both alike. These professionals include psychologists, experienced faculty with vast experience in their respective fields who would be of invaluable help to you. Through counselling sessions and by conducting assessment tests, they will help you to make better career decisionswhich you would otherwise might not take wisely.

These tests or assessments can help you with the process of information gathering and self-discovery. Any aptitude or career test,when combined with the guidance of a counsellor,will yield maximum benefits. Let us see why these methodical assessment tests and career-related guidance are required:

  • These tests tell you about yourself by identifying areas in which you already have skills, talents, and interests. They can also make you aware of areas where you need to develop your strengths.
  • They tell counsellors about you and your actual interests/skills thereby helping them guide you choose the right career for you.

There are a lot of situations in which assessments can help on your career path:

  • You may have just passed your class 10 and are aware of your subjects of interest but not quite sure the exact course to choose that would ultimately become your career choice.
  • You may just be trying to get a job and are unsure of the type of training you need to help you getit or even what type of job you would like.
  • You may have been looking for a job, but your efforts have not been fruitful because you do not have the required diploma/certificate.

In such situations of dilemma, decisions cannot be taken based on emotions and an orderly and logical help fromcounsellorswho are trained in interpreting many kinds of assessments would be of immense help. They match information about you that isobtained from these tests. Then they share that information with you, and in an organised way, jointly you can figure out how well different types of careers, jobs, training, fit your particular interests, skills, and strengths.

Imagine a situation where you are unhappy with your current job but you don’t know where to look for another one. Or you could be a topper in the class securing excellent grades in all subjects but not sure which subject interests you the most. Assessments conducted by professionals can help you recognise careers with a future. While being in a satisfactory career, you may be required to upgrade your skills. Tests can help you identify your particular training needs for such requirements. In short, assessment tests can help you identify your strengths and abilities. Apart from seeking help from these tests and counselling, it is very important that an individual follow these steps too while making a wise career decision.

  1. Evaluate yourself – Each individual is made differently and has different talents, interests, and values. Understand what you would enjoy and excel at by taking career assessments, receiving career counselling, and conducting thorough self-evaluation.
  2. Make a shortlist ofpossible occupations – After conducting some self-evaluation, it should be obvious (to some extent) the types of careers you should pursue. Make a shortlist of all the possible options available to you and select jobs that interest you the most. Match them with the results of career assessment tests, to make a perfect choice.
  3. Discover the options – Learn more about each possible career after narrowing the list of all choices available. If you are a student learn more about the universities where these courses offered and the future job prospects of pursuing those courses.If you are seeking a job, know all about educational or training requirements, job duties, employment outlook, earnings, and growth prospects. Discussions with a professional in each field to gain in-depth details about each choice of profession is invaluable.
  4. Shorten your list – Once you’ve become aware of each career choice available, narrow your list to one or two choices.Reject careers that no longer interest you after methodicallystudying each one.
  5. Set practical goals–By now you should beknowledgeable enough to establish short and long term goals and work hard towards reaching those goals.
  6. Make a career plan–After career goals have been set, a career action plan consisting of goals and specific steps to reach themis needed. This plan will help you outline how you will obtain required training or education or employment and develop professionally once you’ve begun your career.
  7. Get training–This will take up most of your time while you pursue a career depending on the choice of the course you decide on or profession you select.

In conclusion, emotions play an important role while making decisions which may not always be the best choice, hence, if you want to make smart choices, use your rational brain. Making choices that conflict with your basic values will unavoidably lead to dissatisfaction. If you aren’t happy with the career choices you’ve made in the past, assess your values and what inspired your decision. Don’t rush yourself and follow the methodical and scientific way of making the right career choice –by consulting professional counsellors and taking assessment tests.


About the Author :

Lakshmi Kompella is a Post Graduate in Computer Applications, with diverse and varied experience in IT consulting Organizations, Media Houses, Start-up organizations. “Albert Einstein’s ‘Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school” is her mantra and she pursues knowledge relentlessly.

A Secure Future with MBA in Finance

Students who choose to pursue an MBA online have great employment opportunities and a very good social circle where you get to know and interact with people who have experience in business management in an organized manner which accentuate your business management capabilities. MBA students aspire to be world leaders and top class managers where they can achieve high levels of success. One can gain access to the extensive alumni network of the particular MBA group and can make way for greater opportunities in life. A good Business network will help a person throughout their life and will make you the first choice of any company or organization offering better opportunities to its employees. MBA professionals always push you to do better and achieve greater in life which helps you to emerge as a better business student.

One of the best courses to pursue in MBA apart from Management and tourism is MBA in finance. It is one of the most valuable specializations and is currently in high demand. Once a person gains the financial skills and knowledge he or she is likely to become a manager in the future. They have access to top notch places when they go to good management schools and also do internship at a reputed firm, which helps them gain knowledge required to work in the future. They generally command a greater position and higher salaries after passing out from the college and usually become managers in very few years after leaving college. There are different aspects and specifications in financial management which need to be evaluated properly before going for the specializations. Students need to focus on a particular course in financial education, that may be commercial, investment or real estate studies. There are some companies which provide the best internship opportunities like Johnson & Johnson, Intel, Amazon etc wherein students get enough experience in business management and exposure to the nuances of the corporate world, so once they step out of the program they are sure to get into a higher position.

While doing internship students get the actual experience of the work place which tells them how exactly the work is done in the real world and can carry forward these experiences once they get a job which helps them in the long run. Some schools offer a curriculum loaded with business related courses such as management methods and accounting. It gives you deeper level of understanding in money and business which is the present requirement of the world because money and finance is the necessity and foundation of any business. MBA in finance teach students how to acquire, manage and distribute funds in a business setup. There are various top level management posts that a person can be at after pursuing the management course. A student gets numerous job possibilities because of such high demand and growth of this industry. Students can choose according to their specific needs and goals and interests in financial management because it is a vast topic and has varieties.