Using Elliott Wave and Fibonacci Ratios in Technical Analysis

Elliot Wave Theory is a more advanced method of using technical analysis to trade the Forex market. Most traders have heard of the theory but find it a bit overwhelming or complicated to use in their trading. The Elliott Wave concept is indeed more complicated than other forms of technical analysis but it is among the best forecasting tools a trader can ever have.

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The Elliott Wave Theory can be traced back to the beginning of the 20th century when an accountant known as Ralph Elliott discovered a key pattern in the markets. He found out that when the market price is trending, it generates five legs. Three of these legs are impulsive waves moving in the trend’s direction while the other two waves are corrective waves moving to counter the trend. Ralph Elliott further discovered that when the trend phase becomes exhausted, price action changes to a corrective phase that can be tracked in 3 moves. A trending phase, therefore, has 5 moves and the 3 corrective phase moves, which is what the concept called the 5-3 Elliott Wave count is all about.     

Price Action

To get a clear understanding of how Elliott Wave Theory works, it is important to first discuss the concept of price action. There are 3 basic price action phases on all Forex charts.

The three price action phases are:

  • Trending move or the impulse wave. This can be referred to as the move that takes the direction of the trend. A trending move has a bigger price change and usually takes less time, which makes it quite appealing to trade. Impulse Waves are moves in the direction of the current trend.
  • Corrective wave. This refers to how the price behaves in contrast to the impulse move. Correction moves tend to have a smaller price change and take a longer time to develop, which makes them less attractive to trade compared to impulse moves.
  • Price consolidation. This is the phase of price in the absence of any visible trend.

Fibonacci Ratios

Fibonacci ratios are important components of the Elliott Wave analysis. Fibonacci retracement is a very useful tool for traders who rely on the Elliott Wave. It is based on a key discovered by a mathematician called Leonardo Fibonacci. It is a sequence created by nature’s influence and also applicable to financial markets. Traders develop natural inclinations that become evident in the markets when the price gets to certain percentages. Some of the key Fibonacci levels include 0.00%, 23.6%, 50.0%, 100.0%, and 261.8% just to mention a few.

One way of trading using Elliott Waves is to have a Simple Moving Average in your chart. Open a trade as soon as a price confirms a specific wave and conforms to a particular Fibonacci level. Hold the trade for as long as it takes to break the Simple Moving Average (SMA) in the opposing direction. As you become more familiar with the Elliott Wave principle, you can trade using wave counts and Fibonacci levels without having to rely on other indicators.


The Elliot Wave Theory gives traders a framework for getting a deeper insight into price action and market structure. Fibonacci levels are useful in projecting Elliott Waves.

A Brief Guide on Movavi Video Editor

There is no way you can capture a video without making any error from start to finish. Even a professional have to edit the video first before showing it to the client. If you don’t edit it, you will have to re-record the entire video. For example, someone walk across the camera while you are in the middle of filming a scene. With Movavi video editor, you can cut the unwanted scene so that the video look perfect without the erroneous part. All the tools that you need for creating a professional video have already been provided in Movavi Video Editor.


Movavi Video Editor offers four types of auto enhancement features in the color adjustments tab. You simply check the type of auto adjustment you need and it will automatically be applied onto the video clip. Sometimes, the audio adjustment does not make any changes on the video clip. In this case, you will have to use the manual adjustment feature which gives you option to enhance the video by adjusting the slider to the left or right. The manual adjustment tool allows you to tweak 9 coloration aspects of the videos.

Movavi Video Editor offers various titles styles that can be used for different purposes including breaking news, credits, and fading text. The callouts allows you to add a highlighted symbol or shape on the important detail in the video. For example, you can place the animated arrow callout to point to the next clip that contains link to your website. You can move the callout at anywhere on the video. Whatever you want to add to the video such as title, transition and special effect, you have to drag it over to the video clip. Get more details at the official site.

Movavi Video Editor allows you to add chroma key without having to buy any equipment. To add chroma key to your video, you must go to Tools and expand the Chroma key tab. In the Chroma key tab, you will be able to adjust several settings for the chroma key such as tolerance, noise, edges and opacity. In the Tools, you will also find the pan and zoom tool that can make the video look as if you were zooming in on something with your camera. The pan and zoom tool is ideal for zooming in or out on an object that you want to bring to attention in the video.

If the video look shaky, you can expand the stabilization tab in the Tools. It may not completely remove the shaking details in the video but it can significantly reduce them. In the stabilization tab, you can adjust the accuracy slider to the right to increase the clarity of the details in the video. The shaking slider can be adjusted towards the left to reduce the shaking.

To make the video look shaky, you can adjust the shaking slider to the right. There are also other parameters like radius. Smoothing and edge cropping that you can tweak in stabilization. It is important to save your video every now and then as you edit it. To save the video, you have to press the export button which can be found at the lower right corner.

BlackBerry DTEK50 Review

BlackBerry DTEK50 ReviewAs expected for many years now, BlackBerry has announced that it will no longer build smartphones itself. Phones with BlackBerry’s branding will be designed, manufactured and marketed by partners while the company itself focuses on software. The last phones that BlackBerry itself launched were the DTEK50 and DTEK60, both based on Android and designed to appeal to buyers who don’t necessarily want a physical keyboard, but value BlackBerry’s business and security features.

However, it feels as though BlackBerry has already begun its outsourcing operations with these two new phones. They’re manufactured by China’s TCL and are nearly identical to the Alcatel Idol 4 and Idol 4S respectively, which TCL is responsible for. So is there more to these phones than just modified software and a sticker slapped on the back? Or is the BlackBerry we’ve known for so long effectively dead already? We’re reviewing the smaller and more affordable model, the DTEK50, in order to tackle those very questions.
BlackBerry DTEK50 look and feel
In terms of design and aesthetics, the DTEK50 has a bit of a split personality. The front face is mostly glass and the sides are metal with shiny bevelled edges, but the rear is plastic with a hard, grainy texture, which feels extremely unusual. The rim of the phone protrudes beyond the top and the bottom, making space for stereo speaker grilles. It looks like two shapes have been jammed together.

While easy to grip, the DTEK50’s dull grey rear panel reminded us of the bottom of an anti-slip mat. It just doesn’t make for a good-looking phone, and if BlackBerry was trying to make the DTEK50 feel rugged, this doesn’t do the trick. The similarly priced BlackBerry Leap (Review) looked and felt way better than this.

There’s no branding on the front, and if fact it’s totally plain thanks to the use of on-screen Android navigation controls. The power button is on the upper left, which is going to be difficult for anyone to get used to, while the volume buttons are on the left with BlackBerry’s programmable “convenience key” below them. Of course, thanks to its positioning (and similarity to some other companies’ designs), we kept hitting it when we wanted the power button. There’s a 3.5mm audio socket at the top and a Micro-USB port at the bottom.

The SIM and microSD card tray was clearly intended to sit flush with the rest of the phone’s rim, but at least on our review unit the edges didn’t line up, making it stick out like a sore thumb. Finally, we come to the back where there’s only the camera and flash in one corner, and a large BlackBerry logo in the centre. The battery isn’t removable.

Overall, we’re underwhelmed by the DTEK50’s look. It’s the most generic design we’ve ever seen from this once-famously unique brand, and it just doesn’t have much of an identity. We also have to point out that the parts of the metal rim which extend beyond the rest of the body are rather sharp, which makes this phone uncomfortable to hold up to an ear while talking. On the plus side, weight is manageable at 135g, and it’s relatively easy to hold and use this phone with one hand.

BlackBerry DTEK50 camera ndtv Dtek50

BlackBerry DTEK50 specifications
We’ve been annoyed with BlackBerry in the past for releasing phones with low-end specs at high-end prices. Both the Leap and Z3, which were launched at around the same price as the DTEK50, were shockingly underpowered and underwhelming. Thankfully, that isn’t the case anymore. BlackBerry seems to have come to terms with what it’s up against and so the DTEK50 has at least relatively modern internals.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 processor is a bit old, but still competent. It’s more typical of sub-Rs. 15,000 phones, and if figures that BlackBerry would go with this positioning since it’s using its software and brand power as the main value propositions. The Snapdragon 617 is an octa-core SoC with integrated Adreno 405 graphics and wireless communications. The 3GB of RAM is generous, but only 16GB of storage is quite ordinary. Expansion of up to 2TB is supported, if and when microSD cards ever reach that capacity.

BlackBerry has gone with a full-HD display, which is a first in this price class for the company. The screen measures 5.2 inches diagonally resulting in a high density of 424ppi. There’s a 13-megapixel camera on the back and a fixed-focus 8-megapixel one in front. Both support 1080p video recording at up to 30fps.

LTE is supported on Indian bands. This is a single-SIM phone even though the SIM tray has a hybrid design with a cutout for a second SIM, likely because TCL didn’t change this when adapting the Idol 4. There’s also Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.2, A-GPS, NFC, and FM radio.

BlackBerry DTEK50 right ndtv Dtek50

The DTEK50 doesn’t have a fingerprint sensor though its sibling, the DTEK60, does. The battery is relatively small at 2610mAh. Quick Charge 2.0 is supported but just like with the BlackBerry Priv (Review) you’ll need to buy an aftermarket charger because the one in the box can’t deliver enough power.

The main attraction of the DTEK50 is that it runs Android with BlackBerry’s security features. Our review unit was running version 6.0.1, which is not the latest version, and therefore not the most secure. BlackBerry promises to roll out security patches faster than the industry standard, but this is not a strong start.
The DTEK50’s software looks a lot like what we saw on the Priv, but it’s unlikely that a lot of people have used that model thanks to its prohibitive price so we’ll go over the experience again. Android users should feel right at home because while BlackBerry has tried to emulate some of its legacy OS’s visual touches, the UI customisations don’t go all that deep. You get the standard Android home screens and app drawer, notifications shade, Settings app, and of course the Google Play store. All navigation controls and conventions are absolutely standard Android.

One of the things we liked most on the Priv was that home screen widgets could be called up by swiping up or down on an app’s icon, which is still the case here. There are also one-touch shortcuts, which are homescreen icons for specific actions such as toggling Wi-Fi or dialling a specific contact.

BlackBerry DTEK50 lowercorner ndtv Dtek50

We disliked the fact that app notification counts had been replaced by BlackBerry’s own red “splat” icon. Unfortunately, not only is that still the case, but it seems that BlackBerry has dispensed with the row of category icons on the lock screen that let us see how many notifications we had on the Priv. We’re also not fans of the app switcher which shows running apps as different-sized tiles in what seems like a random order, making it harder than usual to jump from on app to another.

What BlackBerry has done to make its Android phones stand out is add a whole lot of its own software, in the form of the BlackBerry Hub, Messenger, Search, and the eponymous DTEK app. These aren’t deeply integrated into the launcher, so for example the BlackBerry Hub is a separate app, it isn’t just a swipe away at any time like it is on BB10 devices. The one nod to BB10’s gestures is that you can swipe upwards from the bottom of the screen and then right to launch the Hub, or left for Search.

You’ll have to grant a whole lot of Android permissions the first time you use any of BlackBerry’s apps. The Hub is exactly the same as it has always been. You can use it to quickly sort through communications across various messaging and email services. If you’re an email warrior who isn’t fussed about physical keyboards, the Hub alone could make a BlackBerry phone worth its cost.

The DTEK app is meant to help you keep track of what your apps are doing and what information they might be leaking. At first, it comes across as no different from the “system optimiser” type of app that several other manufacturers preinstall, and which claim to do everything from speeding up your phone to protecting your privacy. However, the interface is pretty simple and well organised. you can check all your apps’ permissions and set up notifications for when they access the phone’s various subsystems. There isn’t a whole lot that you couldn’t do on any other Android phone if you know your way around the OS, but this dashboard-style security overview might help people feel more safe.

BlackBerry DTEK50 performance
As expected, the DTEK50 works as well as any mid-range Android smartphone. Its components are powerful enough for all common tasks and even some gaming. The big, sharp screen makes all kinds of content look good, and the stereo speakers really help make videos and games feel immersive. We found that other people sounded a bit distant when we were on calls, but usage was generally pleasant otherwise.

Benchmark tests showed good results, with the DTEK50 scoring 41,631 points overall in AnTuTu and 1,978 in Geekbench’s multi-core test. 3DMark Ice Storm Extreme gave us 5,326 points and GFXbench ran at 18fps. We were also happy that the phone didn’t get hot while in use.

Tap to see full-sized BlackBerry DTEK50 camera samples

Camera quality came as a pleasant surprise. Images taken in daylight were nicely detailed, with vivid colours and macros looking especially good. Focusing was quick, though the autofocus wasn’t 100 percent accurate all the time. Low-light shots were a bit blotchy, and the DTEK50 struggled a bit with bright and dull areas in the same frame.

On the other hand, battery life was a huge letdown. We could barely make it through one day with moderate use of the camera and a bit of video streaming over 4G. Even when in standby, the battery seemed to deplete faster than most other phones. We got only 6 hours, 57 minutes in our HD video loop test – well below par for phones at any price level today.

No matter how outlandish, impractical, or overpriced, each of BlackBerry’s phones over the past few years has at least been memorable. Some, such as the Priv and Passport (Review), might even be considered iconic. While the DTEK50 offers far better hardware than previous budget BlackBerries, it just isn’t in the same league. It seems as though TCL slapped the BlackBerry logo onto one of its own products. When it comes down to it for most buyers, this is just another Android phone.

Sure, it isn’t woefully underpowered and frustrating like the Leap. It offers solid performance and has a good screen as well as good cameras. But that isn’t enough to stand out against our current top picks in the sub-Rs. 20,000 price bracket, especially when something as fundamental as battery life is so weak. If this phone finds any takers, it will be corporates who buy in bulk to give their employees secure access to company data, or maybe the odd die-hard fan in India or Indonesia who wants to try reliving the old days.

E-Mail and Digital Marketing Courses For Get Going In Business

E-mail is one of the important aspects of online communication. The e-mail is used for many purposes and provides many applications. One of the best applications of e-mail is e-mail marketing.

What the course is about?

E-mail marketing means the direct marketing through the e-mail. The E-mail marketing involves sending commercial messages to an existing or the potential customer. The e-mail marketing accentuateson the advanced marketing strategies using the e-mails. There are many courses available for e-mail marketing.

This course guides the participants to create attractive advertisements to promote a product or a service to request business, to build loyalty, trust and to create the brand awareness. The E-mail marketing Training will make you a master in advanced email marketing strategies.

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The benefits of doing this course

The following course benefits will be observed in this training

  • The participants will know how to draw more traffic and to gain visibility and awareness of a product or brand
  • The participants will learn efficiently to build an e-mail list and e-mail campaigns
  • The participants will learn how to generate a large number of e-mail subscribers
  • The candidates will learn to market a business via the e-mail marketing platform
  • The candidates would come to know the e-mail rules and regulations
  • The participants can gain expertise and knowledge of e-mail marketing to attract the buyers
  • The participants can effectively create an attention-getting and customer-driving emails

Who can do this course?

This training is designed for the professionals those who want to be a specialist in the field of e-mail marketing and to generate more revenue. This course is suitable for the following professionals,

  • Business owners and Entrepreneurs
  • Internet Marketers
  • Bloggers
  • Marketing Professionals those who want to get more sales and conversions
  • Marketing managers
  • Freelancers and graduates

What about Digital Marketing?

In the current world, everything turns into digital. There are many digital techniques are used to promote the business. Similarly, marketing is one of the important aspects of a business to develop a product or service. Now, digital marketing is becoming various famous among business people and other internet users.

TheDigital Marketing Courseswill groom the candidates to actively participate in business marketing on a digital platform.This is specially designed to develop the digital marketing skills and essentials of the participants. The candidates will gain an in-depth knowledge about the various marketing domains and about the important digital marketing tools through this course. This course will make the participants execute their own digital marketing campaigns on the real life projects.

Who can do this course?

This course can be pursued by the following professionals,

  • Traditional advertisers and Marketers
  • Sales and Business development professionals
  • Aspiring digital marketers
  • Students
  • Business owners and Entrepreneurs that would like to plan and execute effective digital marketing campaigns for developing their business

The course objectives

This course will enable you to obtain the in-depth knowledge about the various digital marketing tools,

  • To gain real life experience
  • To Learn how to formulate, plan and execute digital marketing strategies

Master Data Services Today And Why Businesses Need Them

When billions of GB data is generated within minutes, it typically shows how important data management is in today’s world of business. Technology enabling easy access to information has helped businesses to organise their data needs more efficiently.

Data does not necessarily reach the right customers. Thus, businesses have far more interest in engaging with organisations that specialise in offering solutions for managing data efficiently. The main objective of any product selling business is to ensure that customers are happy so that they return time and again to engage in more transactions. It enables brand to be known as reliable and easily accessible, making it a leader in its product segment. Recent trends have revealed that data management is becoming a crucial business tool. Businesses small and large are going beyond their usual data service providers. They are making more money available to implement techniques for managing data flow efficiently.

Image result for Master Data Services Today And Why Businesses Need Them

Customers for a single business may not necessarily reside in any one country, so it becomes increasingly difficult to meet their needs. However, by using a service provider that offers an integrated data management solution ensures updated data is always at hand. It means that the business can track important details like user preferences and, evaluate purchasing trends as well. Thus, helping the business to adapt and meet any changes required in the information distribution. These days customers don’t need to visit a shop front to find out about a product range, they just go online. A business has to offer a product that both meets the desires of the consumer and is easy to purchase with a prompt response time.

Master data services provide a management solution that allows a business to access reliable and accurate data from a central hub. This gives users throughout a company a central reference point in which to access data. For example, the dispatch department emails a customer when their ordered product has been dispatched. This customer after receiving the product ends up lodging a complaint about the product, which is being investigated by someone from customer services. The business’s marketing department contacts the complainant to find out more details about the problem with the product. So far three departments of the business have been in touch with the customer. These people need to be able to synchronise (sync.) so that they know what each one is doing while the customer is kept in the loop too. A master data management solution helps to make this process smooth and flawless.

A management system ensures that everybody has easy access to the data that is needed. It speeds up communication while improving the overall efficiencies throughout all departments of business. It also facilitates more appropriate decisions by using accurate data in all departments..

A master data management solution facilitates efficient collation of data and also enables data to be presented in an easy to use and read format. The top management of the business has all data at his or her fingertips allowing decisions to be made on improving the business and seizing opportunities to increase the profits. Considering the growing need of data management, there will hardly any businesses in the future that haven’t incorporated a data management solution for their businesses.

What about personal, impartial broadcasters?

So, let’s face it–shortwave radio broadcasting is on the decline. It effectively is. There is no denying this.

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Hitting DX residence

Paying attention to the final broadcast of Radio Netherlands in an off-grid cabin on Prince Edward Island.

Being attentive to the final broadcast of Radio Netherlands in an off-grid cabin on Prince Edward Island.

Evidently, there should not as many broadcasters on the air as there have been in even the late 1990s, let on my own as many as there have been in the late 1970s and early Nineteen Eighties, when as a child i began SWLing, and found the bands crowded with voices clamoring to be heard.

Now I’m finding it problematic to amateur radio imagine a world without, for instance, Radio Australia. I’ve tuned into RA on 9,580 kHz for the reason that I was eight years ancient; if i have a accomplice on the shortwave, it’s certainly Radio Australia. However I ought to come to terms with the concept that we may just lose RA at some point, too–certainly, it’s certainly.

In the past five years I’ve had to say a painful goodbye to a couple of my favorite broadcasters: Radio Netherlands worldwide, Radio Canada worldwide, and Radio Bulgaria; at the same time, the BBC, DW, RFI, and the Voice of the usa have all decreased broadcasting hours, as good.

I to find it sad to hear these stations fall silent, one by one. Might be considering that I’m whatever of an anachronism–a fellow who still uses shortwave radio as a method to appreciate the world, who nonetheless regards radio as a source of stories that’s…well…from the supply.

Possibly for this reason I think so compelled to archive shortwave radio pronounces on the Shortwave Radio Audio Archive, why I notably want to hear the voice of each and every station preserved. And i am hoping this archive will even function a reminder that wi-fi information has been crossing the planet for the simpler a part of a century, even faster than the web can disseminate it now. Shortwave still has this energy.


To this point, I’ve been specifically addressing government broadcasting. But what about confidential shortwave broadcasters, who typically rely on revenue from content material vendors and advertising? Whilst struggling in some respects in this economic system, private broadcasters are still outstanding on the shortwave landscape.

Choosing the best axial fans is no daunting task

An axial fan is nothing but a compressor that multiplies the pressure of the air that flows through it. The blades present in such a fan cause the air to move parallel to the shaft about which the blades keep rotating. Put simply, the flow of the air in this case is axial- axially in and axially out, although linearly. And this elaborates why these fans are called axial fans.

Axial fans come with fewer blades and move at high specific speed. If you want such a fan, you must buy it from a reliable store so as to ensure quality and durability. Although there are many stores that deal in such fans, choosing the best pays off.Image result for Find the best axial fans online

Now, if you are wondering, which shop is to be considered the best, then here are a few handy tips-

Look for a shop that deals in a large variety of options. With a wide variety of products and models put on display for customers, it becomes quite easy for you to make a good choice. Choosing such a shop makes sure you never run out of choices. The catalogues they keep are for a variety of products having different features. Starting from popular products to those with limited sale, you can find everything with these shops. However, being able to zero in on the best item out of all the available options is the real challenge.

And that is why having a list of selection criteria happens to be the best bet. Your list of selection criteria may include a lot of things but make it a point to not miss out on the aspect of price. Yes, there is no point shopping from a particular shop if it isn’t selling items at competitive rates. Yes, discounts and offers are a commonplace thing these days. With lucrative discounts, you can seal in the most profitable deals. Even offers can save on a lot of money for you. If there isn’t any offer or discount with one shop, you can check out the other options at hand.

One thing that you should keep in mind is that there is no dearth of shops that make sure you get your product delivered at your doorstep. And nothing can be more convenient than this. If you are someone who has great paucity of time, shopping from a shop offering home delivery of products will save you a great deal of time. For assurance, you can ask the dealers directly if they offer home delivery services.

It’s always best to buy an axial fan after testing it properly. And that is why visiting a shop personally is the wisest thing to do. If, however, you want to know about the performance of a product before investing on it or hitting the market, then you can check the online product review forums available these days. These user reviews provided against products are a great way to know about their quality and performance.

So, now that you know how convenient it is to shop for axial fans, you should shop for one without any delay.

Protect your equipment with data centre cleaning

Keep your data centre running properly by getting it regularly cleaned by specialists. Many people make the mistake of putting this job lower on their priority lists, but letting your data centre collect dust and dirt can have a profoundly damaging effect.

Cleaning your data centre prevents problematic dust building up and, worse, chemical build up. If these go ignored, they can lead to corrosion of vital components as well as damage to your most critical equipment.

Image result for Protect your equipment with data centre cleaning

Data centre cleaning is worthwhile as it can save you time and money in the long term. Rather than let dirt and dust build up and damage equipment, which could cost you a huge amount to repair, regular cleaning is much more economical.

It is vital to use professional cleaners with specific knowledge of how to deal with data centres. Otherwise, you could risk your equipment being damaged or compromised in some way. Working with a reputable company will ensure that everything is looked after properly and cleaned thoroughly so that you can relax and concentrate on other things, safe in the knowledge that all is in working order and taken care of.

Professional data centre cleaners will take care of everything from floors to server racks, ceilings and cabinet racks, and more. They will also take care of air conditioning units or vents to ensure that any dust that has collected there isn’t affecting the room, for example by altering the temperature, which can have a negative impact on your equipment by causing it to overheat.

Equally, it is vital to use professionals since chemical residue could have built up and this is not always visible. Companies which specialise in data centres will understand the risks as well as know exactly how to combat it. You can be sure that your data centre is thoroughly looked after with even microscopic dust and chemicals being dealt with.

There are also measures you can take to ensure your data centre is well looked after, such as ensuring people wear shoe covers so that dirt can’t come in from the outside. Another method is to ask people to wear clean clothes or overalls. This way, you avoid your equipment failing which can lead to data loss and media errors, which can be devastating for your enterprise. By getting the right cleaning services in, you can avoid unnecessary downtime for your network which could set you back by a huge amount.

This kind of deep cleaning should take place at least once a year, which is why it’s worth building a strong relationship with a good data centre specialist cleaning company so that you can work with them long into the future to protect your data centre.

Knowing the Basics of Oring

Almost all the industrial applicants and machinery require a seal and O-ring, which is one of the most common types of seal that is used in a wide range of dynamic and static applications. One of the main reasons why this type of ring is so popular is its simple and straightforward design; it is made through well-developed rules of groove geometry and more importantly, it provides a reliable and economical sealing solution.

Typically, the oring seal is made up of an elastomeric circular cross section that is designed into a groove and thereby provides an initial compression. The force needed to compress this type of a seal is due to the cross section diameter and the durometer. This circular stretch of orings affect the compression capacity of seals and this, in turn, reduces the sealing capacity of the rings.

If you are using this type of seal in an application where the pressure level is very low or zero, the natural resiliency of the rubber compounds the seal. One of the best ways to increase the efficiency of this type of a seal is to expand or increase the diametrical squeeze. However, you need to remember that this technique works only for low-pressure application. Whereas, if you are using the seal in high-pressure dynamic applications, the increase in the squeeze can have an adverse effect on the machine, thus, lowering its performance.

If you are wondering why and how the diametrical squeeze of the rings affect the working of the machinery, then you must know that it plays a pivotal role in providing a frictional force between the ring and the groove that holds it in its position correctly and firmly. Irrespective of the type of the metal that the rings are made of, the groove is specially designed in a way that it acts as an agent which provides the initial force on the seal all across the axis.

When the pressure is applied, the rings will automatically move towards the low-pressure area of the groove and thus, the sealing pressure is transmitted to the surface that is to be sealed.

Now that you know how the ring functions, it would only help you to know how to choose the right ring material for your application? Choosing the right material is not as easy a task as it may sound. There are several factors that you need to consider, but two of the most important factors are the different chemicals that the rings would be exposed to and the operating temperature range for the rings. It is natural that if you are going to use the ring in a certain chemical application, then you need to choose a ring that would not react with the chemical. Some of the other vital factors that you need to consider are the resistance, abrasion, sunlight, and tearing. Each material has its own pros and cons so do your homework well before choosing the right ring for your application.

How to Create a Split-Screen Video with Movavi Video Editor

Sometimes creating a split-screen video can help you to produce an interesting visual effect and style. At other times, it can instead be a vital part of communicating a certain idea – by showing two separate things simultaneously. No matter the reason however, it is safe to say that knowing how to create a split-screen video will come in handy.

Initially you may be worried due to the fact that it sounds difficult to have to divide your screen into two parts and have different videos playing in each of them. However with Movavi Video Editor doing all that just takes a few steps:

  1. Add both the videos that you want to use in your split-screen video by clicking ‘Add Media Files’ and selecting them.
  2. Both videos will be automatically added to the same video track in the ‘Timeline’ and you need to drag one of them upwards until a new ‘Overlay Track’ appears and drop it in place there.
  3. Double-click the video in the ‘Overlay Track’ to enter the editing mode.
  4. Open the list above the ‘Preview’ window and select ‘Side by side’ and then choose one of the four buttons to decide where the video that is in the ‘Overlay track’ will appear (the other video will appear on the opposite side automatically).
  5. Choose the audio that you want to be played by muting the video that you don’t (or muting both and adding a new audio file).
  6. Click ‘Export’ to save the split-screen video that you’ve created.


It will probably only take you a few minutes to create a split-screen video using Movavi Video Editor and following these steps. Assuming you need a little bit more detail you can head over to:

Before you save your video, be sure to take advantage of the other features in Movavi Video Editor too. By enhancing the video quality, cutting and combining video segments, inserting customizable text, and utilizing other types of special effects and stylish animated transitions – you could really create quite a masterpiece if you choose to do so.

In any case, now that you know how to create a split-screen video with Movavi Video Editor – go ahead and try it out. Frankly speaking it is only one of the amazing types of video effects that you can create with the software, and as you explore it you’ll start to see just how versatile it can be.