Increasing Growth of Vape Shops


Vape shops are basically those shops that deal in the retail business of electronic cigarettes products. These are called vape shops because e-cigarettes have nicotine vapors rather than the tobacco smoke.In US, there exist different types of vape shops that differ in size and shape with some are given the looks of bars and lounge where the customer is allowed to have a drink while him or her vape. While others are small corner shops or the shop fronts dealing exclusively in electronic cigarettes.

All over the US, vape shops have shown a tremendous growth with hundreds of new vape shops opening around the country. The main reason that researchers suggests for such a tremendous increase in the growth of vape shows is the huge mark-up that retailers get on the sales of electronic cigarettes. A report suggests that there is on average a 15 to 20% of mark-up on traditional cigarettes while this mark-up increases to 200 to 400% when selling the electronic cigarettes.

Such huge mark-ups have actually encouraged the retailers who were traditionally dealing in the cigarettes have now switched over to vape shops by becoming exclusive retailers of electronic cigarettes. Most of the shop fronts were closed due to the recession in United States but now these small shop fronts have been reopened into vape shops. Great potential of huge incomes have actually made the retailers inclined towards the vape shops and as a result we experience a lot of growth in these shops in America. Moreover, the industry of electronic cigarettes is on a boom with increasing number of customers switching from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. This boom is good for those retailers who plan to open up a vape shop containing different electronic cigarette products. Though the government plans to tax the this industry of electronic cigarettes but even then the mark-up is so high that it can’t still stop the growth of vape shops which is increasing in numbers with the each passing day.

One important fact regarding the e-cigarettes is that it has an enormous market on the internet. The sale that is generated over internet is many times more as compare to what is earned through the physical vape stores. Internet now has become part of our lives and we have access to the internet virtually everywhere and hence people now prefer using it more than ever before. Internet has certainly made our lives much easier as people now even shop on the internet. Realizing internet to be the effective tool, retailers have targeted the online users as well for selling the e-cigarettes. The online vape shops have also shown astonishing growth with people purchasing the e-cigarettes now with ease. One of them is

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