Characteristics Of Good Personal Accountants


Like everything else in life, anything good is harder to find. Accountants are no exception. Professional accountants vary in quality just like any other professional. They vary by education, experience, personal drive, and area of expertise. Some accountants prefer to work only in a certain area of accounting while others dabble a bit in all areas of general accounting. The hallmarks of a good accountant will vary based on the needs of the client as well. An expert in corporate accounting might be great for a corporation, but if they don’t have much experience in individual accounting, they might not know the specifics of your state or life situation that would contribute to a better bottom line for you. Residents of Honolulu, for example, need an accountant who is familiar with the tax laws and exceptions of that particular area.

 What makes an accountant good at what they do?

1. Educational experience and certifications: Accountants can do the bare minimum to simply practice or they can go above and beyond in their endeavors. This includes seeking out additional training and certification in areas of expertise, such as taxes or corporate finances. Certification shows ambition on the part of the accountant and an expertise that goes beyond general accounting education.

2. Good communication: Like everyone people deal with in life, good communication is essential for getting goals accomplished. If your accountant takes the time to establish a good working relationship, it shows that they are both professional and friendly, two characteristics that foreshadow a good outcome for both parties. If you feel at ease around a potential accountant, it’s a sign that you’ll get the best possible outcome for yourself.

3. State knowledge: State taxes are much different than Federal taxes. For example, if you need accounting services Honolulu focused, it’s good to know the local tax services for the general area, in this case Hawaii.

Working for a good outcome

Good personal accountants take the time to know their customers and work with them to establish a working relationship that’s both comfortable and productive. They have good professional etiquette and know their field well. Certification and other continuing education shows a drive on the part of an accountant to make sure customers are happy with their outcome. Accountants manage money. They show their clients how to do the same, and they do so in a way that’s productive for both parties.

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