How to use trophies to encourage kids’ sports

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While everybody enjoys at covert or overt level, any kind of acknowledgement and/or recognition, that had by kids is of another level altogether. You must have noticed that a small word or gesture of encouragement from their parents or guardians helps boost the confidence of kids to a higher degree. When a little word or phrase such as “Good job!” can do infinite wonders to your child’s progress, one can only imagine how a tangible trophy would affect the same! They not only add a glint to the eyes of the receiver, they add to the inner confidence and self love, along with self respect.

All the sports tournaments across the world have one thing in common and that is the practice of awarding the winners, and at times, even the rest of the participants with trophies for their efforts and achievements. Another important aspect to note would be that the prizes are not restricted to the highest scorer only. They go beyond the one time achievement to explore the avenues of an overall achievement, which is often termed as the best all rounder performance and so on. For any sport, the physical prowess and technical skill at the sport might be of prime importance but they need to be aided by important personality traits and characteristics such as team spirit, humility at victory, grace at victory or defeat, appreciating the play of the opponent, acknowledging the effort of those involved in one’s preparation for the tournament and so on. It is only a synergized whole of such values and traits that makes up a good sportsperson, the kinds who go down in the history textbooks.


Henceforth, it becomes a matter of extreme importance that the kids are not just encouraged to put their best foot forward in scoring the highest or winning. They should be encouraged to inculcate all the qualities of a good sportsperson. If a child exhibits such qualities, then the school authorities or guardians themselves should not hesitate in acknowledging their efforts and presenting them with a token of appreciation. ​​​​

Though, at first, it might seem to be a materialistic approach, but with this immediacy only will the kids be able to understand the symbolism behind it. Trophies become an important tool to encourage kids to try their hands at some or the other sport and also, in turn, help them evolve as better individuals. All this is quite literally, a child’s play.

One might also want to note the numerous psychologist studies that have been undertaken with kids as their subjects to study the effect of a positive acknowledgement in a tangible form on a person’s performance. In addition to that, it is imperative that kid be encouraged to play more and more outdoor sports in today’s world where most of us have our existence caught up with technological advancements of iPads and iPhones. Trophies, in that case, can be used as incentives for kids to perform well and play wholeheartedly, while getting evolved as fit and smart individuals at the same time.


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