Espresso Making Using a Breville Machine

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Preparing coffee of your choice is now an easy task as now there is Breville BES840XL espresso machine available in the market that can help you prepare the best quality espresso coffee just the way you always wanted. Having a quality coffee at any time of the day can really rejuvenate your mind and body. Many people feel resisted to use a coffee machine but here in this article, we will explain some of the easy wayss by which you can prepare your own espresso using Breville machine. The process is so simple that you will really like the steps and would be willing to prepare coffee of your own. All you need to do is figure about what each part of the machine is going to do. Ensure that know the machine parts as you start working on the machine.


Steps of Espresso Making Using a Breville Machine

  • First thing to do is keep the coffee beans freshly grounded that move into the grinder.
  • Now preset your grinder to scale the coffee machines to the defined size. The grinder is used to fine the beans so you can set it to the optimal level. Most of us don’t prefer to choose a fine grinded machine and prefer to keep it less grinded. If you keep the grinding to be fine then it will block the water passage resulting into increase in pressure. Extremely grinded coffee beans can also result into more bitter taste. Therefore it is better to set the grind size to dual wall and make sure that you are using grind wall filters.
  • The grind is also used to adjust the water and also helps in keeping the quality of beans. Beans are now sent to the filter for the extraction and then the level of the extraction depends on how fine is the grinding.
  • Most types of espresso machines from Breville are consisting of a grinding candle that is placed in the right of the grinder. This is also used for supporting the portafilter where the coffee beans are put in the next step. While the filling process takes place, you can perform the sideways preparations and as the whole process is automated. It is crucial to keep the both components dry before you fill the filter. You can use the coffee spoon to fill the coffee inside the filters and keep the quantity to the proper measure. You can even figure out whether you want a double shot or single shot coffee. For the single shot, you need 1 ounce and for the double shot you need 2 ounce of espresso coffee.
  • The next step is performed is tamping which involves applying pressure to the grinds. One can remove the tamper and also can attach it to the machine. In order to prepare the perfect brewing of coffee, you need to be very specific about timing. Most of the reason for a weaker coffee is due to the reason that the tampering was no done proper or may be due to excessive brewing. So it is important to understand the right timing. You can keep the brewing of 7 gm of single shot to 20 seconds when you start pumping while you can keep 20-25 seconds for the double shot 14 gms of coffee.
  • Final thing which needs to be done is getting the cream on top of your espresso coffee. In many ways, cream is just coffee only.

In order to get the desired coffee, you must understand which steps need to be executed and when. From getting the coffee machines to the grinder and then followed by tampering and filter, coffee beans can be used within the month and must be kept in the fresh and dry condition while also keeping them pre-ground otherwise it won’t be possible to get the crema. Also the storage containers for the coffee must be airtight and should be kept in a cool and dry place.

Final Words

In order to get the best experience from your espresso machine, you need to take care of all the things. Make sure that you keep performing the cleaning of parts while replace the ones which are not well kept. This way you can get the quality coffee at your home.

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