How to avoid the biggest JEE blunders

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Sitting and getting selected at a competitive examination, especially when the size of the competition is vast, is not a joke. It requires hard work, dedication and practice on the part of the students. After the 12th standard, majority of the students opt to go for engineering. There are many internationally acclaimed engineering colleges and that is why getting into these seats of learning is not an easy task.

JEE MainsThe students require appearing for an entrance examination so that they can take lessons in these coveted seats of learning. To be successful in competitive examinations, the candidates need to adopt a few strategies. Firstly, the person should understand the curriculum well and go through it. This is not an overnight act but requires investment of time by the student aspiring to be an engineer. If you want to be an acclaimed IIT graduate then you need to appear and be successful at all levels of the JEE. To appear for the JEE, you require to download JEE mains application form from selected websites.

Do an effective time management

If you are seriously pondering about a successful engineering career then you should understand that effective time management is very crucial. For competitive examinations like JEE mains 2016, effective time management is very important.

  • Such exams have different papers and the students require prioritizing the time according to its availability as well as the person’s abilities.
  • Observations reveal that students failed to make a mark because of their lack in time managing abilities.
  • They seem to emphasize a lot on a particular subject and that resulted in their running out of time while attending other papers.
  • Since such examination is challenging, quite tough, and so to succeed the candidates need to demonstrate their time management skills.

Practice hard and refer to previous year’s questions and answers

To write a paper without any preparation is not recommended especially to those who want to succeed in the JEE mains. And how can you prepare yourself? You can refer to sample test papers of JEE where you can find questions and corresponding answers. This definitely will help you in your endeavour to seek better rankings in competitive examinations such as the one that is being discussed.

Negative marking in previous year’s JEE

The students who are appearing for this year’s JEE exam need to check its website about the examination, and the JEE mains latest news, especially with regards to the marking patterns. Usually, such exams encourage negative marking. According, one needs to answer the questions so as to keep the individual’s score a respectable one. The JEE mains 2016 notification also highlights other aspects of the exam that a candidate need to check prior to sitting for the exams.

Avoid taking suggestion notes

If you are contemplating about sitting for such exams and you have the requisite academic criteria then study hard, be well prepared to get qualified. Taking short cuts like reading from suggestion notes are of no use in the long run. They only limit the scope of your knowledge. By taking the suggestion notes you can percolate the entrance exam but then surviving thereafter can prove to be challenging. Avoid the shortcuts and learn the subjects from the fundamentals.

Enhance your skills by participating in mock tests

The fear of failure over powers some individuals and then they this fear really turns out to be the cause of their failures. Sometimes, individuals, despite preparing well for the exams, fail to deliver, simply because at the, important hour they mess up everything. This fear can be overcome by taking an effective JEE counselling session and the candidates can also attend forums, can participate in mock tests to sharpen their skills in answering questions pertaining to engineering entrance. All such activities simply enhance their abilities to perform better during the examinations.

Check details about the exams from online sources

Those who have participated in the JEE examinations, 2015 are all called for counselling during the JEE counselling 2015. The information about the JEE mains 2016 exam date counselling process are provided in the selected websites. The interested candidates can check these web portals. The candidates can download a copy of the JEE mains application form 2016 which is available online.

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