How to Create a Split-Screen Video with Movavi Video Editor

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Sometimes creating a split-screen video can help you to produce an interesting visual effect and style. At other times, it can instead be a vital part of communicating a certain idea – by showing two separate things simultaneously. No matter the reason however, it is safe to say that knowing how to create a split-screen video will come in handy.

Initially you may be worried due to the fact that it sounds difficult to have to divide your screen into two parts and have different videos playing in each of them. However with Movavi Video Editor doing all that just takes a few steps:

  1. Add both the videos that you want to use in your split-screen video by clicking ‘Add Media Files’ and selecting them.
  2. Both videos will be automatically added to the same video track in the ‘Timeline’ and you need to drag one of them upwards until a new ‘Overlay Track’ appears and drop it in place there.
  3. Double-click the video in the ‘Overlay Track’ to enter the editing mode.
  4. Open the list above the ‘Preview’ window and select ‘Side by side’ and then choose one of the four buttons to decide where the video that is in the ‘Overlay track’ will appear (the other video will appear on the opposite side automatically).
  5. Choose the audio that you want to be played by muting the video that you don’t (or muting both and adding a new audio file).
  6. Click ‘Export’ to save the split-screen video that you’ve created.


It will probably only take you a few minutes to create a split-screen video using Movavi Video Editor and following these steps. Assuming you need a little bit more detail you can head over to:

Before you save your video, be sure to take advantage of the other features in Movavi Video Editor too. By enhancing the video quality, cutting and combining video segments, inserting customizable text, and utilizing other types of special effects and stylish animated transitions – you could really create quite a masterpiece if you choose to do so.

In any case, now that you know how to create a split-screen video with Movavi Video Editor – go ahead and try it out. Frankly speaking it is only one of the amazing types of video effects that you can create with the software, and as you explore it you’ll start to see just how versatile it can be.

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