A Brief Guide on Movavi Video Editor

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There is no way you can capture a video without making any error from start to finish. Even a professional have to edit the video first before showing it to the client. If you don’t edit it, you will have to re-record the entire video. For example, someone walk across the camera while you are in the middle of filming a scene. With Movavi video editor, you can cut the unwanted scene so that the video look perfect without the erroneous part. All the tools that you need for creating a professional video have already been provided in Movavi Video Editor.


Movavi Video Editor offers four types of auto enhancement features in the color adjustments tab. You simply check the type of auto adjustment you need and it will automatically be applied onto the video clip. Sometimes, the audio adjustment does not make any changes on the video clip. In this case, you will have to use the manual adjustment feature which gives you option to enhance the video by adjusting the slider to the left or right. The manual adjustment tool allows you to tweak 9 coloration aspects of the videos.

Movavi Video Editor offers various titles styles that can be used for different purposes including breaking news, credits, and fading text. The callouts allows you to add a highlighted symbol or shape on the important detail in the video. For example, you can place the animated arrow callout to point to the next clip that contains link to your website. You can move the callout at anywhere on the video. Whatever you want to add to the video such as title, transition and special effect, you have to drag it over to the video clip. Get more details at the official site.

Movavi Video Editor allows you to add chroma key without having to buy any equipment. To add chroma key to your video, you must go to Tools and expand the Chroma key tab. In the Chroma key tab, you will be able to adjust several settings for the chroma key such as tolerance, noise, edges and opacity. In the Tools, you will also find the pan and zoom tool that can make the video look as if you were zooming in on something with your camera. The pan and zoom tool is ideal for zooming in or out on an object that you want to bring to attention in the video.

If the video look shaky, you can expand the stabilization tab in the Tools. It may not completely remove the shaking details in the video but it can significantly reduce them. In the stabilization tab, you can adjust the accuracy slider to the right to increase the clarity of the details in the video. The shaking slider can be adjusted towards the left to reduce the shaking.

To make the video look shaky, you can adjust the shaking slider to the right. There are also other parameters like radius. Smoothing and edge cropping that you can tweak in stabilization. It is important to save your video every now and then as you edit it. To save the video, you have to press the export button which can be found at the lower right corner.

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