Going Tiny in North Carolina

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The tiny house movement is spreading like wildfire. These small homes are so cute and quaint. They are hard to resist. Moving into a smaller home doesn’t always mean a bigger life, but it can. Maybe going tiny to save money while focusing on relationships and experiences is the perfect recipe for you. Remember, it is a tool. You will get out of it what you put in. Living small helps shift your focus from things to people and experiences. If you are ready to take the plunge, North Caroline might be the perfect place to set up shop.

Tiny House Movement in North Carolina

North Carolina is a hotbed for the tiny house phenomenon. This is great for beginners. People before you have paved the way. Community is big with this group of followers. Staying legal as a tiny home dweller is not always easy. When deciding to go small, it is important to review the zoning laws in your area before embarking on any projects. Zoning laws do not always make allowances for permanent homes with such a small square footage. This gets confusing for home owners and city officials. Many individuals will opt for a home on wheels in an attempt to circumvent some of the laws.

Factors to Consider

When starting your search for tiny homes for sale in Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, it is easy to get caught up in the excitement of a new venture. It is important to consider the life changes going small entails, especially if you are moving from a large home.

  •       Family and Lifestyle. Everyone has different needs. That is true for people choosing to go small as well. Everything looks beautiful and perfect on television. Know your family and your lifestyle. If you have a family or want one in the future, take that into consideration when considering size. A single person may be comfortable with something much smaller than a family of five. One hundred square feet per person is a good starting estimation. Everyone needs space and alone time. Don’t forget about the furry members of your family.
  •       Outdoor Space. With little room indoors, your outdoor space becomes very important. One of the reasons people go small is to get outside more. Porches, decks and land become vital. Make your porch an extension of the home. You want a comfortable place to sit and sip your coffee in the morning. You might consider some form of shade to make your deck more enjoyable during the heat of the summer. Having access to land for roaming makes going small more enjoyable as well. A large front yard to play in or a wooded lot to explore helps you live your life outdoors more.


  •       Consider Your Goals. People choose to go small for many different reasons. If one of your goals is to save money and get out of debt, make sure you research alternatives to tiny living. Renting a smaller home may help you reach your financial attainments just as quickly. If you spend more time wandering than you do sitting on the couch, make sure you have access to outdoor places that you love.


  •       Practice. There is nothing worse than making a big life decision to discover you were wrong. Living in a tiny home is an adjustment for most people. Consider renting a tiny home for an extended period of time to test your resolve. Start reducing your closet and minimizing your stuff early. See what it is like to live with less. Build those habits early. See what it is like to cook a meal with fewer time-saving gadgets. Spend a month dressing with a limited wardrobe. When it comes time to make a purchase, you will be better prepared for the new adventure.

Tiny house living can be exciting and life changing. North Carolina is a beautiful state to call home and has a healthy community of tiny home dwellers. If you are looking to make some big life changes, consider testing out your ideas before making a full commitment to reduce living space. Have an idea of what you wish to gain from your decision. Choose a dwelling that suits your family and your lifestyle. Living small is a wonderful thing, but it is not for everyone.

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