How To Choose A Business Name That Will Sell

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Initially, you don’t put much thought into it until it’s too late. Most entrepreneurs regret the decisions made early in life when the excitement of being your own boss exceeded how your clients will perceive your business decades letter. Therefore, to think that your business name isn’t essential is misguided. To be the big brand, you dream about, spend time on the business name.

But, I’m not creative. How do I come up with a unique name that will sell my products/ services? How do I push past the obvious to reveal hidden opportunities?

Here is what you need to learn, like tutoring Cambridge, finding the right name will push you to the corner. And, that is a good thing – the opportunity you need. Getting backed up into a corner will spark your creative juices.

So, how should you pick your business name? What are the steps or considerations when choosing a business name? Is focusing on human psychology any good?

  1. Tapping into the power of symbolism and sounds

For most people, coming up with names or ideas will involve a lot of brainstorming. Gather ideas from your team and tap into the sounds and symbols that inspire positive emotions. Tap into emotions that result in memorable, loved and shared experiences.

You will have to separate the bad from the good names. The SCRATCH principle  – Spelling-challenged, a Copycat, Restrictive, Annoying, too Tame, Cursed by jargon, or Hard to pronounce, helps. The names under SCRATCH are to be avoided. If brainstorming fails, online tools could rescue you.

Note that even with the SCRATCH principle, you shouldn’t forget to associate the names with specific sensory weaknesses like darkness, strength, light, weakness, dullness, or sharpness.

Alliteration, interjections, assonance, and consonants matter as well. Don’t forget about the type of name you need for your business.

  1. Finding concepts that stick

You need memorization concepts for this. Instead of thinking about you want your business to be, change tact by focusing on the emotions you want your target customers to feel. Exercise your mind to think of the emotions your business could elicit.

You are on the right path if the concept of your business (name) resonates with as many people as possible. Does the name chosen create a visual image that is easy for your audience to recall?

  1. Use of slang with the help of a lexical innovator

You didn’t consider slang for your business name, did you? As it turns out, some of the most prominent brand names, including Google, were (are) slang. Words are evolutionary and finding the right slang word that creates a casual and an authentic perspective on your business could be all you need for your brand name to market your business.

  1. Is the name available?

You’ve been through enough hard work but, there you need to do more. Confirm the availability of your chosen in the federal database of the US Patent and Trademark Office.

  1. Register the name

With the help of a legal professional, register your business name and your company. This is where you decide if you have a sole proprietorship, a partnership or a limited company.


Choosing a business name could be one of the lengthy processes to go through but, done right, it is worth every second.


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