How Technology Can Make You a Better Shopper

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Do you ever think about how your life would be different? Listen in as professional barefoot water skier Keith St. Onge discusses how his life might have been different. He does think how his life might have been different if he never got into barefoot water skiing. Who hasn’t thought about how their life might have been different if they took a different career path? Watch how a small-town boy turned world champion here Keith St. Onge and see for yourself how important each and every decision that we make truly is. Speaking about making decisions, what kind of shopper are you? This is a true question. Are you a savvy shopper who is always looking for a discount or do you primarily buy on impulse? How about technology? Do you use technology to assist you with your shopping or you’re your tech life and shopping life live apart? It might be time to marry together your shopping and tech life in an effort to save yourself some serious dough. According to an article, with the advancements in technology you can now become a better savvier shopper than ever before. What are these technology enhancements that are helping you to become a better shopper? Some of this technology that is currently in development and or already being implemented include: connecting with the customers by watching them on cameras, tracking eye movements (you look at a poster and it is looking back at you), providing you with instant gratification (getting it fast online, etc.), monitoring your mood (increasing impulse buys), renting items and products instead of buying them, and doing the shopping for you.

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