Fire Extinguishing Strategies for Restaurant Environments


In a restaurant kitchen, there are dozens of fire hazards, which is why a restaurant manager needs a practical fire safety plan. When a restaurant is prepared for potential fires, the process of extinguishing small flames before they develop into large fires won’t be a hassle. A suitable fire protection plan for a restaurant should have procedures for multiple situations. However, if you want to cover the basics, you can accomplish this objective by following a few simple steps.

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Arrange Pot Lid Near Stoves

During a lunch rush, busy cooks may pour grease into pans without properly measuring the volume. When too much grease is heated in a hot pan, a sudden fire can start, and the best way to stop the flames in this situation is by smoothing the fire. The lids that are designed for specific pots and pans can effectively smoother a low fire that burns in a kitchen; however, in order to stop a flame from spreading, someone must cover the cookware quickly. If proper lids for specific pots and pans are stored in easy-to-access spots, the process of smoothing blazing grease fires fast in a busy restaurant kitchen will be easy.

Place Fire Extinguishers by Ranges and Frying Equipment

If space is limited in a kitchen, some cooks may have problems reaching cabinets and shelves where lids are stored. In order to fully protect a compact, crowded cooking space, you’ll need to mounted fire extinguishers on the wall by the range and near frequently used fry cooking equipment.

Maintain Nearby Fire Hydrants

Fire hydrants help fire fighters extinguisher fires that blaze outdoors and flames that cover large zones in a building. In some cases, these kinds of fires could happen, and this is why you’ll need to maintain the fire hydrant near your restaurant so that fire fighters can extinguisher flames without any delay. If you work with experts who can conduct a fire hydrant flow test, you’ll never have to worry about water pressure problems that can impact fire fighting routines.

By giving everyone opportunities to extinguisher fires with lids and fire extinguishers, you’ll protect your business and prevent fire damage. In order to protect the entire restaurant, you must work with specialists who use tools to maintain fire hydrants.

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