Give Your Home a Retro Makeover

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Retro looks are drawing a lot of attention in the world of design. Whether it is a yearning to return to a simpler time or a desire to restore your home to its original beauty, retro fashions can give your interior spaces a unique and fun vibe. Use the following tips and tricks to get started.

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Pick Your Decade

As with any decorating project, you need to pick a theme. When it comes to retro decorating, the theme is often a decade. Whether you like the classic American style of the 50’s, the free form of the 60’s, or the vibrant orange and greens of the 70’s, the decade you choose will determine your color palette and furniture style. Simply choose whichever time period most reflects your personal taste.

Re-Style the Space

Now that you know which decade you are going to mimic, you can start re-styling the space. Online research will give you clues as to what type of flooring will work best and which colors to use on the walls. Don’t forget to switch out doors and windows for a truly authentic look. If you are wondering where to buy reclaimed doors portland or has many retailers that can help.

Furniture and Accessories

You can search online auction sites as well as garage sales and thrift stores for furniture specific to your time period. If you would rather have new furniture that simply reflects that decade, many retailers offer vintage lines that give you the look of yesterday without sacrificing today’s comforts. Don’t forget to include family heirlooms for a personal touch.

Once you have the main structure of the room geared towards a specific time period, the rest will come easy. Decorating in a retro style can be fun and exciting as you sift through online sales, flea markets, and antique warehouses in search of the perfect furniture and accessories. Once finished, you will have a home that everyone will admire and adore.

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