How to Plan a Summertime Party for on the Water


How to Plan a Summertime Party for on the Water Have you ever partied on the water, either ocean or lake? If yes, then you know how much fun it can be, especially when those summer days hit the sweltering mark. If you want to play host for a summertime bash, here a few tips to planning a cool party on the water for your friends and loved ones. Rent (or Own) a Yacht for Your Summertime Bash You probably think of yachts as ginormous, expensive boats, most common to the rich and famous of the world. You know, those people that can afford a fabulous crew and worldwide destinations. But, truth be told, yachts can be for anyone. You can rent a yacht for your summertime bash. Or, better yet, save up and invest in a payment plan to own a yacht. This option allows you to host summertime parties whenever you want. Prep with a Cooler or Two of Ice and Cold Snacks and Beverages Whatever boat you’re commandeering, whether it be a yacht or otherwise, you should prep for hot days and excited guests with a couple coolers of ice, cold snacks, and some beverages. Invest in some chilled wines, sodas, and lots of bottled waters.

Throw in some cold cheeses, meats, and fruits to make your own appetizer plates. And be sure to pack up a few extra yummy provisions just in case of emergencies. Snag Back-up Emergency Gear, like Lifejackets for All Shapes, Sizes, and Ages Make sure you have plenty of emergency gear for everyone on board—all shapes, sizes, and ages. Plus, invest in a small haul of replacement marine parts. If something unexpected or dangerous happens, you need to know that you have followed safety regulations and are prepared for any outcome with the correct gear for yourself and your guests. Do You Have a Destination in Mind? Or, Are You Going to Simply Sail Around? Don’t simply sail around the ocean aimlessly. It’s a little harder to do on a lake, but you should plot your destinations before planning a summertime party on the water. You don’t want to get lost in the middle of nowhere with a boat full of people on a hot day with no land in sight. Think smart and stay safe

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