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What do you imagine a secured loan to be?

The secured loan refers to the real life fact that you are extending a security that your loan would be repaid. The risk involved here is that if you are unable to repay the loan, the lender would be in a strong position to sell your collateral to pay off the loan that you acquired. In contrast, the car loan or a mortgage comes under the category of unsecured loan. The unsecured loan is not protected by a collateral, the lender would not be in the capacity to seize your property automatically by law or any other means. One of the pluses the secured loan boasts over the unsecured ones is the lower rates.


The secured borrowing is the fund that you borrow against an asset you own, generally your home. The interest rates possess the propensity to be cheaper as compared to those for the unsecured loans, but it could prove to be a lot riskier option, therefore, it sounds highly significant to comprehend the impact of the
secured loan rates and what could be the scenario in the case you default on your repayments. Remember, the secured loans commonly point towards the borrowing of a large sum of money, in most cases greater than $10,000 in spite of the reality that you could borrow less, may be $3,000.


The secured loans are named in an assortment of ways as mentioned:

  • Home equity or home owner loans.
  • Second mortgages or second charge mortgages.
  • First charge mortgages, if no existing mortgage.
  • Debt consolidation loans, in spite of the actuality against that all of these loans are not secured.

Let us clarify you on the attached charges in the shape of secured loans rates. You should note that the interest would be charged throughout your loan. A variable or a fixed rate may be proffered to you, therefore, check prior to proceeding. In the situation of a fixed loan, your cost of payments remains the same through the whole duration of your loan but with the variable rate it could vary.


There are some brokers who proffer a soft research so as to get you a test prior to applying for the loan, thus nothing appears on your credit card.

 My property, who would put a value on it? You should hold it in your esteemed consciousness, that your lender institution will make the arrangement for the valuation from the chartered surveyor as a portion of your application, the fees would have to be paid by you. You should keep the information within the corridors of your god given intelligence that in order to qualify for the secured loan you must come up to the following prerequisites:

  • Be 18 years by age.
  • Be a permanent resident of Australia.
  • Be currently employed with an employer.
  • Earn a gross annual salary of higher than $30,000.



You must be aware of the reality that the equity you build in your property could be utilized to enhance your wealth. Through some money lenders you can benefit from this equity to purchase a 2nd equity, receive a loan or acquire the loan for your holiday or even refinance, thus you must know that you are paying a low rate of interest.


To remind you, the secured loans are proffered in a variety of kinds of loan:

  • Short terms.
  • Personal loans.
  • Debt consolidation.
  • Caveat loans.

There are Australian firms that can advance you secured loans against an item that you own but alternatively, the lender could as well arrange a hire purchase agreement for an item you would aspire to buy but that you do not possess immediate funds to do so.



The present written discourse has been framed so as to assist you in the decision making procedure through which you are supposed to go through in the course of arriving at the most appealing final word on your intention to secure the secured loan while residing within the vast continental land of Australia. Yes, you may rest assured that there is such loan awaiting you being highly appropriate to your needs and the multi aspects of your life!

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