5 Reasons to Schedule a Carpet Cleaning Before the Holidays      

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The holidays are the perfect time of the year to reunite with family, friends, and loved one across the globe. And with Thanksgiving and Christmas being among the top favorite holidays, chances are you’re either traveling or hosting at least one get-together of your own. Americans spent a whopping $720 billion in 2017 during the holiday season and that number is expected to increase in 2018. So, of course, that’s bound to lead to extra wear and tear on your carpet and possibly even cause extra carpet stains in the process. Fortunately, a simple phone call can ensure the pros are on the case. But is that really a big deal and just why should you schedule a carpet cleaning before the holidays?

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Remove Pesky Stains

A bad or set in stain can be an eyesore and quickly become worse if you treat it incorrectly. Rubbing or treating the spill or mess with the wrong chemicals can cause a stain to spread or grind deeper into the carpet fibers. Competent professional carpet cleaners can quickly and easily remove the stain so you don’t have to rearrange the furniture or invest in new carpet altogether.

Increase Family Time

The holidays are prime family time and the last thing anyone wants is to miss out on precious and priceless experiences with their favorite people. But pulling out the spot cleaners or renting steam cleaning monstrosities can be a waste of time, money, and effort, especially since they’re rarely strong enough to do more than a mediocre job. Professional carpet cleaners have the skills, equipment, and insurance necessary to do the job right and ensure your investment is protected in the process so you can focus on more important matters.

Remove Or Neutralize Set-In Odors

Almost 70% of American households, or 85 million families, own a pet of some form. While pets add to the quality of life in countless ways, they can also create messes and embarrassing odors. Live in the situation long enough and you may become immune to the stench, but chances are your holiday guests won’t be. Professional carpet cleaning can easily and effectively remove or neutralize even stubborn and set-in odors. So Spot can come out of the doghouse again and enjoy the festivities with the rest of the family.

Improve Indoor Air Quality and Allergies

Indoor air quality is usually far worse than outdoor air and carpet is often mistaken as a culprit. The truth is, modern carpet acts as a giant room or home air filter to trap common pollutants and everyday contaminants. When cleaned regularly and properly, carpet can even help reduce allergies within the home. Vacuuming helps, but it isn’t enough. Annual professional carpet cleaning is not only a requirement for most carpet warranties, but it’s also incredibly beneficial for your family’s overall health.

Beat the Rush

The holiday season is a busy time of year for everyone including professional services. As the end of the year approaches, more people schedule their professional carpet cleaning appointments. Calling early helps ensure your home is fresh and clean well before it’s your turn to entertain. Call us today to arrange the best possible carpet cleaning time around your schedule and cross one more responsibility off of the to-do list.

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