Five Ways to Keep Your Dog in Healthy Condition


Do you have a family dog that you absolutely love? If the answer is yes, then you naturally want to keep it as healthy as possible, so it will live a long life. Whether you own a Great Dane or a Chihuahua, there are things you can do to help keep your dog in healthy condition. Checkout five examples of what you can do to help your dog.

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A Daily Walk or Run

Exercise is an important factor in the health of any type of dog. Of course, you have to tailor the exercise routine to the dog you own. If you have a Bassett hound, you know that it needs just a short walk each day to keep it in shape. Alternatively, if you have a fox terrier, you know that these dogs love to run and jump so the exercise period should be at least 30 minutes. Going to the dog park, walking in a nearby woods or even walking through your neighborhood are all ideas for giving you and your dog exercise each day.

A Nutritious Diet

The type of food you feed your dog makes a direct impact on its health. Be sure to choose a dog food with very little filler and a lot of healthy fats and proteins. Checking the label on a bag of dog food can be very helpful in deciding what to buy for the breed of dog you own. Keep in mind the age and weight of your dog as well. You may want to get dog supplements at vet products direct so you can make sure your dog is receiving all of the vitamins and minerals it needs to stay in great condition.

Plenty of Socializing Time

Socializing is another part of keeping your dog in good health. Dogs are pack animals, so they like to run around and play with other dogs. However, be sure to consider the age of your dog. A senior dog may not be as willing to play with younger dogs for a long period of time. Senior dogs still need to socialize and play with other dogs, but not in the same rigorous way that puppies do.

Regular Checkups at the Veterinarian

Getting your dog checked out by a vet at least once a year can help its health in a lot of ways. For one, your vet can look for any changes in your dog’s physical health that can indicate an illness or disease. Also, your vet can run routine blood tests to see if your dog is getting the nutrition it needs to stay healthy. Your vet can give you advice on what changes to make to your dog’s diet and exercise routine as it grows older. A vet is a great resource especially if he or she is familiar with your dog and its overall condition.

Lots of Sleep

Did you know that some dogs need at least 14 hours of sleep per day? Dogs need an adequate amount of sleep to stay in great health and build up the energy to play, explore and run around with you each day. So, in order for your dog to get adequate sleep, prepare a quiet area for it to nap during the day and sleep at night. A dog bed in a laundry room or a blanket tucked into the corner of a guest room are both ideas for places where your dog can get some quiet and relax. As your dog grows older, it’s likely to sleep even more so be sure it has a place where it can go for quiet time.

Lastly, getting to know your dog’s daily habits can help you determine if it is feeling well or not. You can play a big part in providing healthy, rewarding life for your favorite canine!

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