Signs You Need a New Roof


You need to care for your home. Your roofing is what provides insulation and protection to the entire home. It’s an expense you’d rather not deal with, especially when you face the possibility of needing to replace your roof. When it comes to new roofing Titusville FL residents need to look at the signs that are there to decide if a new roof is needed or just repairs.

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Age of Roof

It’s important for you to look at how long you have had your existing roof. Over time, the materials will experience wear and tear. The type of roof you have will determine approximately how long it will last. Many asphalt shingle roofs will only last about 20 years. If it’s been about that long since your roof was replaced or your home is coming up on its 20th year, it might be time to start exploring the possibility of a new roof.

Cost of Repairs

Talk to a roofing company about what it would cost to make repairs. If you have been paying for repairs regularly over the past few years, you have to look at whether you want to continue making costly repairs or pay for a new roof. While the new roof may be expensive, it is the more affordable option in the long-term because you are only putting off the inevitable.

Overall Level of Damage

You have to look at what kind of damage you have to your roof. Since you’re probably not going to climb onto the roof to assess the damage yourself, ask the roofers to show you the damage with photos. Significant damage cannot be repaired successfully. It is, then, better to choose a new roof so you don’t encounter various leaks and other problems.

Work with a roofing company that you trust. Let them provide recommendations on whether they think it’s time for a new roof based on its current age and condition.

Written by Anindita Ghosh