Designing an Efficient Laundry Room

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In many homes, the laundry room is tucked into a small interior space or hidden in the basement or garage. If this is the case in your home, you know that doing the laundry becomes an unwelcome chore that’s inconvenient and less efficient. By designing an efficient laundry room, you can make laundry chores a pleasant and easy experience.

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Whether your laundry area is located in the kitchen, hall closet, or garage, a little planning and organizing can increase efficiency and make access for laundry parts distributors easier. Many laundry rooms, especially small ones, are taken up by the washer and dryer with little room for storage. There is no space for laundry detergent, bleach, dryer sheets, and other essentials. Without storage space, doing your laundry can be a time-consuming chore.

Use Wall Space

Floor space in a laundry room is usually taken up by the washer and dryer, so there’s little room for anything else. By using the wall space, you can create room for laundry essentials. A hanging wire storage rack or wall-hung shelves make a great place for laundry detergent, dryer sheets, and folded towels and linens. By adding hooks to the bottom, you can hang small wet items like lingerie, hosiery, scarves, and sweaters that you can’t put in the dryer.

Use Ceiling Space

If your laundry area is in a space where it’s impossible to hang shelving, it’s time to look up at an overlooked space – the ceiling. It’s easy to install a simple drying rack from the ceiling with chains. You can even use a small wooden ladder with rungs for hanging items. A hanging rack is a useful item if you have a lot of clothes that have to be hand-washed.

Separate Your Space

Laundry areas in some apartments and homes are not in an enclosed space. If your laundry room doesn’t have a door, you can separate the space with a decorative curtain rod and curtains. Although this won’t provide much sound absorption, it will hide your washer and dryer in style. It will also keep piled-up laundry hidden and make repairs for laundry parts distributors a little easier.

Written by Anindita Ghosh