Lean Six Sigma and DMAIC


The lean six sigma is a way of checking each and every process associated with operating a business and making the changes needed that will bring more savings and better management to your organization. DMAIC is the method used to root out any waste and make the necessary changes at critical points in time.

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Defining a process with a business is your first step in taking the lead in pushiing forth the changes required to optimize your business. You must first see the process before you can determine whether changes are necessary. The whole goal will be to steadily reduce the waste in every area and process of the business.


Measurements for the effectiveness of each process defined is priceless. If you have a process ongoing in your business that causes the loss of revenue at every turn, reducing or eliminating this process will optimize the business and save money.


Every detailed aspect of a business process must be closely analyzed to find the ways that waste can be eliminated. It’s the cornerstone of streamlining and optimizing your business.


Making sensible changes and improvements to the various processes, such as payroll, is how the right changes are made. Deep impacts on saving time and money are possible when a common-sense approach to business management and financial stability are achieved.


Once the changes are made and all possible waste is exposed and sent packing, you need to exercise control to keep the new, highly-optimized processes in place. It makes all the work worth the effort. It often requires the development and issuance of new guidelines and operational rules.

Completely optimizing your business in order to run more efficiently and dependably is to practice the lean six sigma Fort Lauderdale business owners depend on to make process change easier.

Written by Anindita Ghosh