The Beauty Of Calling the Southern California Desert Home

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The word paradise conjures up images of tropical sunsets, palm trees swaying in the wind, and ocean waves lapping a sandy shore. But for many people living in paradise means living in the desert, and some of the most beautiful desert communities in America are in southern California.

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Healthy Climate

Deserts are known for their dry heat, which offers several health benefits. Less moisture in the air means less mold, which in turn translates to less respiratory difficulty. Dry air doesn’t aggravate arthritis, and a dearth of plants offers relief to many allergy sufferers. A lack of water equals fewer pests and less threat of insect-borne disease. Sunny days ward off Seasonal Affective Disorder. The warm, mild weather is comfortable year-round: the average annual high temperature is 89, with a low yearly average of just 60 degrees. Even when highs rise above 100, night temperatures still drop down into the 70s.

Wide Range of Price Points

The area is becoming popular with a wide range of people, from retirees to young families. Therefore, various home styles and sizes are available through rancho mirage real estate, from multimillion-dollar estates to condos below $200,000. This newer, trendy area boasts recently built contemporary homes with stylish, lighthearted architectural details.



For people seeking an active outdoor lifestyle, what is outside the home is just as important as what is inside. The communities around Rancho Mirage do not disappoint. The area is home to numerous golf courses, beautiful mountain scenery, a thriving arts community and an upscale gourmet food scene.


Though the region is growing in popularity, it is not prone to crowding. There is plenty of room to spread out, which gives the area a relaxed rural feel with urban amenities nearby. Less congestion and a laid-back attitude mean a more tranquil, friendlier community. Look into this uniquely attractive area today and be one of the first to unearth this hidden gem.

Written by Subojit Aich