Building Your Break Room


As you grow your business and add more employees, you should consider adding a break room. Not everyone wants to take breaks or eat lunch at their desk or in their office. A break room provides a place of escape from work, even if just for a few minutes. Here are some essentials to build into your break room.

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Vending Machines

The most obvious addition is to include vending machines. You’ll likely need two; one for drinks and one for snacks. Throughout the day, employees are going to want to munch and snack. A vending machine gives them a way to fill their cravings. When it’s time to move forward on your break room, look for a service that can provide an office vending machine Los Angeles.

Microwaves and Refrigerator

Other essentials for a break room are appliances. A refrigerator gives your employees a place to store their lunch without having to bring in a cooler from home. A microwave gives employees a convenient place to heat up their lunch, warm their coffee or even pop some popcorn.


Of course, no break room is complete without a place to sit. Make sure you provide multiple tables and chairs so if several employees are taking their break at the same time, everyone has someplace to sit. Also, include some comfortable chairs for those employees who might want to sit and read a book or browse on their smartphone.


One last item to include is some form of entertainment. Though not essential, it is certainly nice to have. Including a foosball table, ping pong table or pool table allows your employees to relax while off the clock. You could even stock your breakroom with games, which employees can enjoy together. These entertainment options are a great way to foster teamwork.

Growing a business is an exciting opportunity. As you grow, make sure you take care of your employees.

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