Get More Out of Your Storage Tank’s Lifespan


One of the best ways to increase your business’s profits is by decreasing the overall cost of getting your work done. It is often easier than increasing your market share, and an efficient company that can deliver great service and stellar products has a better chance than otherwise of being able to reach for that extra share. Both of those reasons make it good sense to keep an eye out for investments that can lower your bottom line. If you’re not currently using advanced tank liners in your hoppers, tanks, lines, and other liquid storage and transportation infrastructure, you’re missing out.

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Not only does the extra protection of a rubber lined pipe lead to less product loss over time for most users, but it also decreases maintenance costs, extends equipment lifespans, and provides a host of other benefits. That means you will not only be able to count on your storage and transportation equipment to last longer, but it will also be less expensive to run during its lifespan, too. Increases in efficiency like this take some time to show up in your bottom line, but with the right investment timing, they can really impact your overall company efficiency. This leads to reduced scrap in systems delivering supplies to a machine for manufacture, and it increases yield and decreases waste if you are manufacturing liquid goods.

Which Kind to Use

The best kind of lining to use will depend on your exact system needs. Generally speaking, liners are made to be corrosion-resistant, but the best corrosion resistance comes from a judicious match between the liner substance and the materials it insulates. Manufacturing isn’t the only use for liners, either. If you’re building sanitary systems or waste management systems, then your system will also benefit from liners that protect the machinery itself and contain any waste within a sealed environment. This makes it easy to transport and process it with minimal impact on the workers involved. No matter what your application, the right tank liner can only help your business.


Written by Anindita Ghosh