3 Options for Gun Customization


When a person chooses a sidearm, a lot of thought goes into it. Which weapon will suit their needs? Which size or fit is best for its intended use? Once all these things have been considered and a firearm purchased, some people find it beneficial or just fun to make custom handguns of their choice. Here are a few ways a gun can be safely altered to be exactly what is needed for each owner.

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1. Change the Grip

Though manufacturers make a wide variety of sizes of guns, finding one that fits a person’s hand exactly can be tricky. A person with a larger hand may not want to carry a large weapon, but the smaller gun’s grip can seem less secure in their hand. Changing the grip to fit the size needed can give a better grip to the shooter and better aim from the weapon.

Grips with special textures or molds are also an option. If a weapon slips or doesn’t feel right, a new textured grip in the right size may be exactly what’s needed to make a firearm perfect for the user.

2. Get New Sights

Factory sights are usually decent, but some can be difficult for a person to sight or find when they use it. If a person cannot properly aim the weapon, then it loses its usefulness. Putting new sights on can improve a person’s ability to aim and fire the sidearm correctly.

3. Make It Unique

Having a firearm that fits a person’s carry style and needs is the most important consideration when altering a weapon. That doesn’t mean, however, that a little flare can’t be added as well. There are many options to detail and beautify a gun to suit the person using it. Kits for paint, stencils, or tattoos are widely available and can add that special touch to make a weapon unique.

There are many options when a person wants to customize a weapon, both for usability and aesthetically. Try these options to design a weapon that is just right for its user.

Written by Anindita Ghosh