Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Farm

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The small town farm has a great deal to offer the community and its people. As it competes with major corporations, though, the business needs to use multiple avenues to succeed.  Making the most of the harvest as well as using the land year round are keys to success. Here are a few tips to help increase revenue.

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Make Use of Temporary Help

Using seasonal help offers several benefits. First, the business does not need to absorb year-round expenses for employees who are only needed for a few months. Secondly, the extra hands are readily available to efficiently harvest the crop. With the additional staff, produce gets picked at peak time and delivered to customers. Pull from the local community or hire migrants. Are you worried about documentation and laws? Check for an h2a visa or use a service to locate legal hires. After all, migrants offer several benefits in that they are eager workers and knowledgeable farmer hands.

Use Business Software

Strive to save money and create less waste. To do this, consider purchasing software that helps with supply and demand. Use it to evaluate quarterly sales and adjust crop planting as needed.

Add a Side Business

During the off-season, try to find another avenue to use the land. Do you have a barn available for weddings? Rustic is back in style, and many couples are eager to find a low-key fun venue to have a laid back ceremony and reception. Another viable option could be hosting a seasonal event. When fall comes around, can you host a festival? Do you want to bring in kids for field trips? You could offer tours of the farm, showing kids the animals or crops. Turn it into a nature or food lesson. This interaction creates a bond with the community and your establishment. That could pay off in further sales down the road.

Having different uses for land could increase profits. Don’t hesitate to try something new.

Written by Anindita Ghosh