How Art Creates a Happier, Healthier Home

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If the walls of your home look empty, it might be time to add some fine art. A well-placed painting, print or sculpture can work wonders for a room, and Americans are taking advantage of the fact. One report said the United States accounts for over 40 percent of the global art market, more than doubling the impact of the second-place U.K. Here are four reasons to consider fine art for your home.

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Art Encourages Children

If you have kids in your home, owning art is a must. Youngsters love looking at the vivid colors and captivating scenes, and viewing art helps a child tap into his or her own artistic talents. Fine art urges children to dream, imagine and eventually, grow into a well-rounded adult.

Art Sparks Conversation

Anyone who has attended a dinner party or intimate social gathering knows how lulls in the conversation can create uncomfortable situations. With fine art on display, those silent scenes will be few and far between. Discussions centered on an individual’s feelings or impressions of an artwork often result in meaningful, thought-provoking dialogue.

Art Serves a Purpose

Art entertains, educates, empowers, conveys emotion, communicates ideas and tells stories. Sometimes, however, it serves a more physical purpose. With functional fine art, homeowners add both beauty and practicality to a living space. Hand-crafted furniture and other woodworks are prime examples, although metal fabrications such as decorative gates, fences and fire pits are other popular items.

Art Expresses Your Creativity

Even if you didn’t create an artwork, the piece you hang in your home tells a lot about you. Not only do specific colors and scenes paint a picture of your personality, but different genres also reveal the true you. Abstract art lovers, for example, tend to be intellectual and argumentative, whereas the muted tones of Impressionism suggest a more agreeable persona.

Whatever your personal preferences, fine art would make a fine addition to your home. The perfect piece is easy to find; it’s the one which makes you happiest.

Written by Anindita Ghosh