4 Things to Ask an Immigration Lawyer


The immigration debate is a complicating matter for the thousands of hopefuls looking to enter the United States and become permanent citizens. However, there is so much contention in the process it is best to hire a lawyer. When it comes to families who are seeking to immigrate from south the border, hiring a Spanish speaking attorney Houston area firms offer will help make the process go more smoothly. There are several questions to ask when hiring an immigration attorney.

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  1. Ask about a membership in the AILA. This is the only organization in the nation that can legitimately claim to have experts in the field of immigration. Membership helps keep lawyers in the know with any of the changes taking place or the current challenges facing potential immigrants.
  2. Find out where the attorney is licensed. You need to be certain that the attorney is licensed in the state of the office or firm he represents. Some lawyers claim that immigration law is federal law, therefore allowing them to practice anywhere. However, knowing where they are licensed can protect you from serious legal trouble.
  3. Find out if the lawyer practices in multiple areas of law. It is very hard to find the specific training and experience in immigration with a lawyer who acts as a jack of all trades. Rejected applications are a new point of concern with the current administration, so getting things done the right the first time will be critical to immigration success.
  4. Find out the level of experience. The more experience your lawyer has, the better your immigration case will go. Ask about their ratio of wins and losses, and find out the reasons for why they lost the case. Immigration cases are denied all the time and for a variety of reasons. An experienced attorney will be able to tell the specifics of what makes for a good case that may be approved versus the things that can hurt a case.

Given the state of politics in the United States, immigration is a hotbed of controversy. When time is of the essence, invest in help from a professional.

Written by Anindita Ghosh