3 Benefits of Rural Living


There may be lots of money in big urban centers, but how good is the quality of city living? Studies show that life in the country brings a variety of mental, physical, and financial benefits. Here are three top advantages of rural life.

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Closer Relationship With Nature

Would you trade skyscrapers for trees? Research shows that city dwellers who look at asphalt all day act more aggressively than those who can see trees from their windows. Trees and plants seem to help humans think more calmly and rationally, and they also clean the air, which helps physically. Lower air pollution reduces risk for diseases, including asthma and heart problems. Depending upon your lifestyle in the country, you may need specialized supplies such as the tractor supply hay spear.

Safer Environment

You are less likely to get mugged in the country than in a city. A survey by the Bureau of Justice Statistics indicates crime in rural areas is almost one-third lower than in large urban centers. Serious personal crimes including rape and murder are lower in the country, but if you leave urban areas behind, do not forego all security measures. Home burglary rates tend to be a bit higher in areas outside of cities, perhaps due to large spaces between properties. Experts recommend home protection systems for country homes.

Financial Advantages

If you live in the country, chances are greater you will own your own home, according to information from the National Census Bureau. People often find they get more for their money in rural areas. Living outside of cities offers the advantage of lower costs in multiple areas, including food, utilities, transportation, and health care.

Country life offers many points to love. From a higher quality of life to health benefits to financial gains, the benefits of living in areas outside of cities appeal to many people. While some may be hard-core urban dwellers, those who choose bucolic settings find the quality of rural life offsets any potential inconvenience.

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