The Basics of Online Presence and SEO


As of 2019, Pew Research reports that the number of adult internet users has grown by over 5% over the last four years. The use of the internet has increasingly become one of the quickest means to relay information. Businesses have a way to reach their clients online through digital marketing, which has evolved over the years into a powerful marketing strategy.

Digital marketing guru,  Eyal Gutentag, provides the latest digital marketing tips to help businesses reach their sales potential. Even with the vast use of the internet today, many companies still lack clear knowledge of the power of the internet in running a business. Here is a look at SEO and online presence and how to use digital marketing to reap maximum benefits.

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Online presence

Online presence plays a significant role in growing a business. According to an article on, the average person spent 136 minutes online daily in 2018. Creating a website for your business gives your potential customers easy access to your products or services. However, the site will take time to draw good traffic if you do not have the right marketing strategies. SEO comes in handy for anyone looking to strengthen their web presence and bring in decent traffic.


SEO makes your site easily visible on search engine results. There are a number of things that come into play when making your site SEO friendly. From using relevant keywords that relate to your prospect products and target audience to making your site fast for quick loading, SEO plays a big role in marketing.

EO consultants make sure that your website meets all the necessary SEO requirements. SEO takes three primary forms, technical SEO, on-page SEO, and off-page SEO. SEO experts know their way around building meaningful SEO strategies that boost your site ranking on search engines.


Every business needs a website to reach the global market. With a good website and SEO, marketing can become easy and spot on. A website gives a sense of legitimacy and seriousness to what you. If you are planning to create a lasting venture, ensure that you have a website where your clients can reach and interact with your business.

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