How to Choose a Cleaning Company


A cleaning company makes maintaining a professional office space that much easier. Rather than relying on staff to clean the office on a weekly basis, cleaning companies come in and take care of that. Here are some tips to choosing a janitorial company right for your business.

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The safety of your employees and customers is paramount. Choose janitorial companies in Los Angeles CA that value safety as much as you do. You want a company that makes it easy to identify their staff members with badges and uniforms. You need to be able to rely on them to secure the building upon leaving the premises. Make sure they follow OSHA regulations and protect confidential records. Ask them about all their safety procedures.


Look at their online reviews both on their website and on others. These can give you a snapshot of both happy and unhappy customers. Then ask the company to provide three references to call and ask about their experience. These customers have agreed to be references for the company yet are usually open to answering any questions you may have regarding the janitorial service.


You need a cleaning company available when you need them. This may mean a company that cleans overnights or first thing in the morning. Maybe you need them to clean on Saturdays or every other Tuesday. Choose one that works with your business schedule. There’s no reason to go with a company that you have to work your business around.


Make sure the company has insurance in case one of their staff is injured, something is stolen, or property is damaged. This puts the liability on them to replace, repair or pay for medical care on the janitorial service rather than your business. While asking about insurance, make sure they have the necessary licenses and experience. You want to choose the best you can for your budget then sit back and enjoy a clean office.

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