Gun Safety Reminders for Minors


There are many homes across the United States where the residents are protected by legal gun ownership. However, without the right safety plans in place, there are hundreds of accidental shootings that occur inside the home. The best way to protect your family from an accidental discharge or improper firearm use is through the right education and storage strategy for your weapons. Most of the time, gun owners that have a license to carry will use safety measures like holsters for Glock 43 or concealed carry holsters to properly secure their sidearm when out in public. Equally important is securing a firearm when at home.

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Home Storage Necessities

When keeping a gun in the home, there are three things that can help protect from an accidental discharge or theft of the weapon.

  1. Store the unloaded gun in a locked gun safe, cabinet, or vault.
  2. Store the bullets in a locked container separate from where the firearm is stored.
  3. Hide the keys to both the gun sage and the locked bullets where children or thieves cannot find them.

The Importance of Storage

Young children are both curious and impressionable. Even though you may have talked to them about the importance of leaving firearms alone and the rules on gun safety, young children may want to emulate their favorite characters or simply take a closer look. If they find a gun that is loaded, the potential for an accident due to an accidental discharge is extremely high. Gun safety extends to risks with teenagers, who may react to emotional conditions, using a gun to relieve thoughts of depression or anger by hurting others or a way to end their own pain.

Even if you do not keep guns in the home, it is very important that you teach your children about gun safety and how to respond if they ever come across a firearm. If you do own a gun, always store the weapon unloaded and keep it locked and away from unauthorized users and minors.

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