3 Tips To Expand Your Business


If your business is booming, you’re likely interested in opportunities for expansion. The prospect of expanding is exciting, with many opportunities at hand, which can make it harder to decide what direction to go. Below are three ideas to consider when it comes time for you to expand your business.

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Hire the Right Number of Staff

Since your business is expanding it likely means you’re serving more or larger clients. It’s important to make sure you have enough staff to keep up with the demands your business now has because being short-staffed means that your clients get a poor quality of customer service. If your staff is overwhelmed with their workload, can’t provide the level of customer service needed to keep clients, or you’re doing tasks that should be delegated it is time to expand your staffing size.

Expand Office Space

Now that you’ve hired employees to keep up with customer demand, it’s time to expand office space so your employees can comfortably fit and enjoy some office amenities. Your needs when looking for commercial property for sale Denver will be different depending on the size of your staff, projected growth, whether cubicles or offices are needed, and what amenities you want to provide. When you do expand, talk with your employees about what their needs are at work. Do they currently work in a cubicle, but it’s hard to hear customers on the phone? If so, you might want to consider full cubicle walls or shifting people who are often on the phone with customers to an office. Additionally, ask your employees what amenities would make the workplace more enjoyable. For example, a full break room with tables, a microwave, fridge, and maybe even an oven would make lunchtime more enjoyable. Or maybe you can provide a special amenity like a snack bar, stocked at company expense.  Find out what would make employees feel appreciated, as employee satisfaction leads to better business results.

Expand Your Offerings

Once your business has proven successful, it might be time to expand what you offer. The first place to start is with market research to determine if a new product line can bring further growth and success to your business. If the answer is yes, it’s time to invest in that new product line that will help you grow your company. For example, perhaps you have a perfume line that has done well and want to start a cologne line. Now would be the right time to do it.

With these tips, you’re sure to head in the direction of success.

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