Top Jobs to Aim for This Year


As industries continue to shift and evolve, the job market changes to match them. Keeping up on what the next great job is can be a challenge, especially if you only have an interest in one particular field. Fortunately, the top jobs come in many forms and industries, so you should have no problem finding one that matches your criteria. Here’s five great jobs to keep an eye on for the coming year.

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1.     Administrative Assistant

Administrative work has always been included in top jobs because it has so much potential for improvement. Whether you move on to become the head of HR or another manager, this job is just the first of many rungs on the corporate ladder. To find a position close by, search for one near you like administrative services Cary NC.

2.     Dental Hygienist

You don’t need to be a full-on dentist to work in a dental office. Dental hygienists do great for themselves and help people keep their teeth sparkly clean.

3.     Physical Therapist

If you’ve always been into anatomy, physiology and sports, becoming a physical therapist might just be up your alley. You’ll help people get back on their feet after an injury and make a great salary while doing it.

4.     Optometrists

It’s hard to get around in life without vision, yet many people begin to lose their vision during their prime years. As you age, the chances of needing glasses will only increase, a problem that everyone faces. This means optometrist will always be necessary.

5.     IT Manager

IT managers keep everything running smoothly in a company when it comes to tech. In this modern day of technological advancements, no company can succeed without good technologies to back them up. Whether it’s keeping computers clean or ensuring cyber defenses are secured, an IT manager is essential in keeping companies up-to-date with the best tech.

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