Tips to Prepare for a Home Inspection


If you have listed your home for sale and found a buyer, you may think your job is done. However, to ensure there are no unwelcome surprises, it is good to schedule a professional home inspection. This service can help ensure you know if there are any issues with the home before the sale goes. If the issues are discovered later, you may still be on the hook for fixing the issues.

To fully prepare for building inspections Scranton, you may need some tips. Keep reading to learn what these tips are and to make sure your home is inspection-ready.

How to Prepare for a Home Inspection |

Provide Open Access to Areas That Need to Be Inspected

Be sure the inspector has access to your entire property. If the inspector can’t access an area, they won’t inspect it, which will be a red flag for buyers. Be sure to move any clutter that impedes access to systems or areas an inspector needs to look at, including attics, under sinks, furnace rooms, basements, and more.

Clear the Perimeter of the Home

Along with checking the function of your home’s interior components, an inspector will also look at the outside of the home. This includes caulking around the doors and windows, trim, siding, and more. Make sure the areas outside your home are clear from trash cans, plants, and stored items, which will ensure inspectors can get where they need to go.

Schedule an Inspection before Selling

Before you list your home for sale, it is a good idea to schedule a professional inspection. By doing this, you can find any potential issues that may arise and have them repaired. This is going to prevent any issues and ensure the sale goes smoothly. Being informed and knowing what to consider are the best ways to ensure the desired results are achieved.

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