3 Quick Curb Appeal Upgrades for Your Business

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Wondering how you can improve sales for your small business? Curb appeal makes a huge impact on where customers decide to stop and shop. Here are three quick ways to give your commercial space some undeniable curb appeal.

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1. Clean Paved Surfaces

The paved surfaces on your commercial property, including all parking areas and walkways, take tons of abuse from the elements of nature. Professional commercial pressure washing Oviedo FL will clear years of grease and grime from your paved surfaces, helping them look new again. This is especially helpful for the sidewalks and walkways around your business. Since these paved surfaces are often a customer’s first point of physical contact with your commercial property, it’s crucial that you keep them neat and tidy at all times in order to give your business a boost in curb appeal.

2. Upgrade the Landscaping

Instantly make your business look more welcoming by adding some color and greenery to the exterior. The best way to do this without blowing your budget is to hang up some flower baskets or install planter boxes if you want something more permanent. Blooming annuals and perennials are recommended because they’re cheap and don’t require a lot of special care. Place your chosen flower elements around your main entry for maximum visual effect.

3. Install New Signage

Your business’ sign proclaims to potential customers what you sell and the services that you provide. If you haven’t installed a modern sign on your commercial property, now is the time to do so. Instead of slapping a standard sign on an exterior wall, upgrade to an LED-lit sign – you’ll be able to customize your message and attract the attention of customers with bright and efficient LED lights.

Appearance is everything in business. Invest in your success by making these simple curb appeal upgrades!

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