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Sometimes the way the world works can be pretty amazing. Think about all the automatic mechanical inventions that make our lives easier. Everything from your smartphone to your dishwasher has something mechanical about it. The humble valve is one of the simpler inventions that’s been appropriated and repurposed across the spectrum for all kinds of uses.

For External Use Only

Somewhere in America, someone used a gas grill to cook something for a meal today. Their ability to prepare that food hinged on a valve. Without the valve to control the correct amount of propane for the grill, there would either be too little gas to sustain the cooking flame or there would be too much and the food would burn. Valves control water taps, aerosol deodorants and parts of car engines.  Just as you’re using valves in everyday life, businesses are using them, too. Valves called corporation stops Ontario are specifically created to insert chemicals into the stream of liquid that flows through the pipes over which they are fitted. Most times, they’re used in water process systems for cooling or heating, depending on how they’re needed.

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Step Inside

Most people can tell you that valves control the flow of blood through the four chambers of the human heart. Acting as one-way entrances and exits, those very important thruways can cause major problems if they don’t function correctly. Valves aren’t exclusive to the heart, though. There are many throughout your circulatory system preventing the back-flow of blood into places it’s already been.

Mollusks have valves, too, specifically clams and chitons. The purpose of their specialized equipment is the articulation of their shell so that it opens and closes as needed. The connecting tissue of their valve typically disintegrates after death. That’s why you’ll find so many individual clam shells on the beach, but their connected counterpart is missing.

So much of our world is fascinating. The valve doesn’t seem to be special, but it’s many functions ensure that it ranks on the list of useful items.

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